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RX-EVOLV North American Autoshow (Real Video)
Submitted by SuperUser on Tuesday, January 11, 2000 - 12:00am

This is a Real Video from the North Americal unveiling of the RX-EVOLV. Richard Bette introduces thenew SUV Tribute, then turns the floor over to the new president of Mazda, Mark Fields. He talked about the 80 years of Mazda, and how they are refocusing, part of this focus can be seen in the RX-EVOLV. They broght the new RED RX-EVOLV out with a woosh of Rotary Engine and Music. Kei Kado, Manading Director, took over talking about the car. Noting really new, except the Mazda will take all comments about the car very serously, both live in person and on the web. He then goes on talking about how the Rotary Engine is a symbol of the Mazda Brand, as Mazda is the only car manufacturer in the world to have the Rotary Engine in a production car. The Renesis will enhance Mazda's brand, and will be part of Mazda's furute in the new Millennium.

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Click below for more information like the announcemnet, and the Mazda Press Release.

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RX-EVOLV on the Mazda Website
Submitted by SuperUser on Tuesday, December 21, 1999 - 12:00am

Looks like last week sometime, Mazda USA put some information about the RX-EVOLV on their website...
Most interesting was located at
( It stated that if you
filled the form out, you would "
Be one of the first to be notified when a Mazda Concept Vehicle makes it into production. Use the form below to submit your contact information."
Also included on the subsite is a Screen Saver for the PC

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Rotary Club
Submitted by SuperUser on Monday, December 13, 1999 - 12:00am

Arun Unnikrishnan writes in to tell us about the current Autoweek issue which has
the RX-Evolv on the cover and an article inside. You can see the cover (but not the actual article) at
Autoweek has historically been very pro-Mazda & pro-rotary, and the Rx-evolv article is very interesting & opinionated, typical for the magazine. Might want to buy it, and check it out.

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Australia's Outback Racing
Submitted by SuperUser on Friday, December 10, 1999 - 12:00am

Australia's annual racing calender turns to the "outback"
town of Bathurst once a year for a week of action on the
famous "Mt Panorama" circuit. Although the main event was
for the two make Ford Vs. Holden V8 circus, Mazda got
a show in via the GTProduction catergory which attracts immense
interest due to the variety of vehicles elegible to race.

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Anyone interested in Shirts?
Submitted by SuperUser on Thursday, December 9, 1999 - 12:00am

WIDTH=114 HEIGHT=90>News is slow these days, I suspect many magazines and websites are either preparing new articles about the RX-EVOLV
or starting their winter holiday early. So, to keep this site alive, while I work on the Rotary-Australia story, I've decided to
see who out there would want shirts from this site. I started a poll on the left, (or click on the
link below) to see the full designs.

Depending on the response, I'll have them made after the new year... I might also make up
embroidered polo shirts and hats, but those are more expensive.
Contact me here

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Return of the Rotary
Submitted by SuperUser on Tuesday, November 30, 1999 - 12:00am

WIDTH=67 HEIGHT=90>By Peter Nunn
Mazda wants the rotary-powered RX-Evolvsports car to be part of its future
(Thanks to David Lane for this synopsis)
Buy the magazine. Automobile (certainly one of the most
conservative of the mainstream mags) is excited about this car.
Update: 2/6/2000Here is the
article on the Automobile Mag Website

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RX-EVOLV QT Movies/Site Updates
Submitted by SuperUser on Monday, November 29, 1999 - 12:00am

I found a quicktime movie or two on Mazda Australia's website showing the EVOLV in action. It lacked a soundtrack, so I pasted one in there. Click on Read Full Article to see the movie (You need Quicktime 4 or a recent version of Xanim for UNIX. I'm working on an MPEG version too.)

I am also putting the finishing touches on an article about Rotaries and Australia. Why are they so rotor-crazy down there?
I setup a few new forum areas, Articles and Websites To Review, Check them out. I also made a slight change to the site, on the front page, the table now extends to 90% of the page, instead of 600 Pixles. If you don't like this, let me know

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2002 Fall - Mazda RX-7
Submitted by SuperUser on Saturday, November 27, 1999 - 12:00am

Editors note: This image looks very similar to this one that Nick changed around when the evolv first came out

Mazda wooed Tokyo Motor Show goers with the killer 4-door RX-Evolv concept, but in reality, the Wankel-engined
flagship RX-7 model will still be a coupe model.

It will retain the motor show front fenders and slim hood, but the profile will be of a more conventional 2-door coupe.
The engine will still be twin-rotaries, and power will still be a naturally-aspirated 280ps (all this power from twin 654-cc
puny engines?).

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Japan cracks a performance wave
Submitted by SuperUser on Friday, November 19, 1999 - 12:00am

The Tokyo Motor Show was the tip of the iceberg.
GEORG KACHER reports that more than a dozen
coupes and roadsters are in the wings.

Mazda is working on not one, not two, but five new sporty cars. And Toyota, Honda, Subaru and even the beleaguered Nissan will soon whip the covers off exciting new performance cars.

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Mazda Rebounds
Submitted by SuperUser on Wednesday, November 17, 1999 - 12:00am

by Paul A. Eisenstein
Evolution or revolution?
Designed as a successor to the long-popular RX-7 sports car, the four-door RX-Evolv was
one of a handful of stylish concept vehicles Mazda Motor Co. rolled out at October’s
Tokyo Motor Show. But whether or not RX-Evolv ever goes into production, it underscores
the new direction being taken by the troubled Japanese automaker.

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