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Detroit Autoshow Day 1
Submitted by SuperUser on Monday, January 8, 2001 - 12:00am

There is no doubt that the rotary is going to be coming back to the US!!
The Mazda display at the autoshow pays complete hommage to the rotary..

Firstly they have three cars hanging from the walls, a 1969 Mazda Cosmo
110s, a 1978 RX-7, and the 1991 Le Mans Champ, the 4 rotor 787b! Right
now, there is a big display with no car on it, right in front of their
booth. The press conference will be tomorrow, Jan 9th at 9am est.

I have some early photos of the booth, and will post them to this evening. Until tomorrow, aaron and I will be playing
GT3 beta on the PS2 with RZ RX-7 at the mazda display!

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Wild Rumors!
Submitted by SuperUser on Wednesday, January 3, 2001 - 12:00am

WIDTH=202 HEIGHT=90>There has been a flood of rumors about Mazda's future plans with the rotary engine... so much so that my email box was flooded with over 30 messages from 2pm-4pm this afternoon alone!

Starting with this email from John Duff:

The 2003 model year RX-5 roadster (which will feature the same chassis and
powerplant) will provide excellent competition for the Porsche Boxster S and
Honda S-2000 vehicles, while the (same year) RX-9 (??) sports coupe will
challenge the new Acura NSX with its 400+hp powerplant (oh, I
have to kill you all!) :)

All three vehicles should provide the best performance in their respective
classes, especially when price is taken into consideration.

Then Brent sent a flurry of mail with different links all over the web to different sources with photos that have been put on the web within the last 2 years... Drew Blair posted the whois record for, and started another thread about who Stray Cat Communications is, and how Mazda runs all their websites internally. On the Socal List, Frank posts this snip of an article printed in today's LA Times Highway One section:

"Mazda Motor Corp., controlled by Ford, is taking the wraps off the
latest conceptual iteration of the RX Evolve, a sports car that recalls the
rotary-engine RX-7 of years past. Minus the rotary, it is expected to reach
the consumer market before long."

It is my opinion that whoever wrote this last article is completely
off their rocker... As, even the slow-to-be-updated Mazda USA site
proclaims the triumphant return of the rotary!

Next week will be a very busy week news wise, Aaron Rinaca and I will
be in Detroit covering the show, the RX-8, and interviewing various
people in Mazda about their plans for the Rotary and the RX line of

Update!(1/8/2001) The Mazda press conference will be Tuesday, Jan
9th. Check out Mazda Japan's Website
for a streaming video of the press conference. Once it's up on the web,
there will be an link to it from here. Also, on Saturday, a group of RX-7
enthusiasts will be at the Mazda booth at the first public day at NAIAS...
We are planning on meeting at 1pm at the booth.
Mazda: Zoom Zoom Zoom = Rotary!

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Mazda releases 2 new Sketches for Xmas!
Submitted by SuperUser on Monday, December 25, 2000 - 12:00am


On Christmas day, Mazda released 2 new sketches of the new Rotary
Sports Concept (RX-8?!) as Wallpaper designs! The 2 new sketches are
of the rear of the car and a left hand drive interior!

Close inspection of the interior sketch shows the joy stick still in
place... which means paddle shifters on the steering wheel. The rear
sketch reveals a window shape similar to the 3rd gen's design, and
what appears to be a skightly bigger trunk than the RX-Evolv Mark I.

A little bit of analysis here: These new sketches to me confirm the
target market: the Lexus IS300, BMW, Acura RL. I think this new RX
will be to these cars what the RX-7 was to the Supra, Z, Corvette
market: Most bang for the buck. See
the full article for links to the wall paper.

Update: Keith Hanna wrote in to tell us
that the Mazda USA Website has the
sketches up on their website, with a link on the homepage reading "The
Rotary is Back" to this
page exclaiming "A 9,000-rpm Triumphant Return!"

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Mazda to exhibit new 4-door rotary sports car
Submitted by SuperUser on Sunday, December 10, 2000 - 12:00am

WIDTH=184 HEIGHT=58>Mazda president Mark Fields released the following statement to the media at Mazda Headquarters in Hiroshima, Japan:

Mazda will exhibit a 4-door sports car design model at the
NAIAS in Detroit in January 2001. The design is a step
closer to an actual production model than the RX-EVOLV
unveiled in Tokyo last year. Mazda is developing the
new generation rotary engine, RENESIS,
which is expected to power the future model.

The official press conference at NAIAS will happen Tuesday, January 9th,
2001. Insiders are calling the new car the RX-8, (which is what the
RX-Evolv was expected to be called) but no official announcement has been
made about the name... so it could end up being called somthing else.

More information and links to follow, as Mazda's web team completes their
site update at The Read the presiden't full speech here.

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RX-8 Monday?!!!
Submitted by SuperUser on Thursday, December 7, 2000 - 12:00am


Keep a look out here within the next week or two, as Mazda Japan
has announced that they will hold a press conference in Japan to show
Photos of their new Rotary Concept . (Yes they announced and announcement,
go figure). I will keep you posted of the latest happenings from Japan
and the Detroit Auto Show as they become available.

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Debunking Rumors and Myths Revisited
Submitted by SuperUser on Wednesday, November 22, 2000 - 12:00am

Well, apparently, according to the BusybeeToy
Scoop! Edition 26 website, "Mazda announced today in Japan (Nov.
22) that it will be building a rotary-powered 4-door sedan!
" They
even show this doctored
image for what was once the RX-Evolv. Now, don't get me wrong, I like
the Scoop! website, but they forget to cite (as in ctation) their
sources of information... Which leads to credability problems... even though there
is a disclaimer at the top of the page (that can be
easily missed)

The example above proclaiming Mazda has announced a 4 door comes with no
links to official information on Mazda website, or a Japanese Media
website. The only announcement from Mazda today was the introduction of
the Titan CNG truck. The English part of the Auto Ascii
has this
article (out since the 17th of November) taking about Mazda's
plans to build the Rotary Sendan. However, that article too lacks
links to the source... That source being press releases
from the Corporate Communications Division of Mazda Motor

Here is what we do know. The RX-Evolv in some form or
another will go into production. This information comes to us from
the Japanese Website Auto
ASCII with an interview they did with Mr Kwaoka. We have known that
since January 9th. The Debut at the Detroit autoshow will be a
rotary powered concept, at this point, it is unclear if what it
will be or what it will be called... All the speculation of a
rotary powered sedan could prove true, and the Sedan will be the
concept at the show. The platform shown on the Evolv will be used
for possibly many cars, and there is some major development that
still needs to happen. The information for the Detroit autoshow
comes from Mazda PR, both Japan and America. The production version
of the Renesis is still a while off, the retooling might not take
that long, but the engineering designs for the engine have not been
finalized. That information is probably propritary, and I might be
asked to remove it from the website, but for now, it's here :)

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New 3rd gen site
Submitted by SuperUser on Wednesday, September 6, 2000 - 12:00am

Now that some of the code has been tested, and debugged, the question is, what is A few years back, I heard the term weblog for the first time. Iīm not sure who coined it or where it camefrom, so I canīt properly credit it. Typically, a weblog is a small web site that is updated on a regular basis and has a high concentration of repeat visitors. Weblogs often are highly focused around a singular subject, an underlying theme or unifying concept. I think it mainly started with /. ( and grew from there to many websites that cover every aspect of geekdom. The idea then migrated over to non-tech area, such as automobiles.

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Save the Seven Letters reaches 1000
Submitted by SuperUser on Wednesday, August 9, 2000 - 12:00am

The Save the Seven Campaign has reached 1000 letters, taking 45 days to go from the last milestone of 500. The amount of interest in the rotary engine, RX-7, and RX-Evolv seems to be growing at a healthy rate.

The letters will be mailed off to Mazda (Japan and North America) in the week of August the 14th.
Lets show Mazda we are serious about getting a rotary back in the states by sending another 500 letters next month! You can fill out a letter to be included in the database now, and it will be mailed when another 500 letters are entered. A prize will be awarded for the 1500th non-duplicate letter. (Click below for more)
On a side note, you can get one of the T-Shirts or Hats by going to the store, (T-Shirts, Hats, and some toys are available in limited quanities.

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Moller M400 Skycar article on
Submitted by SuperUser on Monday, July 31, 2000 - 12:00am

IGN has a short story about the Moller Skycar, the long awaited "George-Jetsonmobile" has been under development for more than 30 years, and will one day lift off the ground. the article is just a breif overview of what is possible, and gives a small reference to the powerplant of the M400, eight rotary engines putting out 960bph. (the reference was so short, I overlooked it the first time through!)

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Save the Seven reaches 500 Letters
Submitted by SuperUser on Saturday, June 24, 2000 - 12:00am

The Save the Seven Campaign has reached 500 letters! It only took 24 days to get from the existing 300 that Elmar had
collected to the 500 letters today. Save the Seven was started by Elmar Kurgpold on his GeoCities Page, and grew to 300 letters. There was a need for a database to handle the data, so one was constructed, and hosted on a server.

The letters will be mailed off to Mazda (Japan and North America) in the week of June 26th.
Lets show Mazda we are serious about getting a rotary back in the states by sending another 500 letters next month! You can fill out a letter to be included in the database now, and it will be mailed when another 500 letters are entered.

Here is the press release

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