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R.P.I., INC. To Develop Hydrogen Fueled Rotary Engine
Submitted by SuperUser on Wednesday, November 28, 2001 - 12:00am

WOOD-RIDGE, N.J., Nov. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Ron McKeown, President and CEO of Rotary Power International, Inc. (``RPI'') (OTC Bulletin Board: RPIN - news) announced today that RPI is planning to proceed with the development of a hydrogen fueled rotary engine generator set. RPI is considered the world leader in the development of large-scale rotary engines, a possible solution in the quest to find a substantial power source fueled by liquid and gaseous hydrogen and hydrogen blends.

Read the full article for the complete press release

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New Mazda RX-8 Design at 2001 Tokyo Autoshow
Submitted by SuperUser on Tuesday, October 16, 2001 - 12:00am


The Mazda RX-8, powered by a new-generation rotary engine, is an unprecedented four-door sports car designed to achieve outstanding performance, while providing ample interior space for four adults. It is now at the final stage of development for mass production, and this year [Mazda] is proud to show the final design of its exterior and interior.

Mazda sports car development has always been about pure joy behind the wheel. With the RX-8, our engineers set out to deliver the essence of a genuine sports car while reconciling three contradictory imperatives: strikingly original sports car styling; a superior blend of sports handling and performance, ride comfort and practicality for four adults.

One of the key factors in achieving these goals was RENESIS,** the next-generation rotary engine with smaller size and enhanced performance, thanks to a new side-intake, side-exhaust layout. It delivers a high maximum output of 184kW (250PS) and maximum torque of 220Nm (22.4kg-m) (target figures) even with natural aspiration, while achieving improved fuel efficiency and cleaner emissions.
**RENESIS: "RE (Rotary Engine) GENESIS."

Courtesy of the compact RENESIS powerplant, the RX-8 features a further refined front-midship layout as well as a freestyle, four door configuration without a center pillar, this enables a comfortable interior with space for four adults, belying the attractive sports car styling. The 50:50 front/rear weight distribution and a low yaw-inertia moment give the RX-8 outstanding handling. With superior practicality, the RX-8 will meet the expectation of a wider range of customers worldwide.

Update 10/18 More Photos from the Japanese Website are available, take a look on the images server for more photos!

src="" alt="[12ate-rx8.jpg]"
height=72 width=92 border=0>

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Winter Wankel Wonderland - 3
Submitted by SuperUser on Monday, October 15, 2001 - 12:00am

At this point, it is still tennative, but WWW-3 can be held this December to run with SpeedTrial USA on a two day weekend on December 15, 16. This particular event, is by invite only, and ST-USA has agreed to allow the RX-7 group run, if wanted. They are also hosting the USTCC finals as well that weekend. Gives all of us some good racing to watch also.. Per the ST-USA web-site, it looks like you get (5) 20-minute sessions per day. A lot of track time. Price, $375 for the weekend and it's a two day registration ONLY. One drawback for us Rotary guys, as always, the 90db sound limit.. Overall, this sounds like a good overall option if we want to keep this event in December @ Laguna. If not, there are few other good options for early next year at Laguna.. It is very important that we know if there is any interest in WWW-3. Please shoot Berny H. a e-mail to let him know if you're interested ASAP!!!

  • Pre-Registration deadline is Friday, November 30, 2001 5PM or registration gets full, whichever is first.
  • This event will SELL OUT so registration may close anytime, Don't wait till last minute to register and pre-tech your cars.
  • SPACE is limited!! NO exceptions !!
  • Expect hot or cold weather, so bring sun block, cap, sunglasses, umbrella, plenty of fluids, etc.
  • On your way to the track, careful for Highway Patrols...they are itchy to give speeding tickets !!
  • Track gate hours are 7am to 6pm
  • Track hours 8:30am-4:30pm (any car on the track past 4:30 is subject to extra charge by the track).
  • Sound Level Restriction: 90db Maximum (if your car is above this db, you will be asked to leave with no refunds).
  • As long as we hold the event, there will be NO Refunds or credit.

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Mazda Officials Okay Rotary-Powered Car
Submitted by SuperUser on Thursday, October 4, 2001 - 12:00am

This is a bit of information that I though was out there already, but enough people have written in with this article to warrent a posting (and so people will stop sending in the URL!)

From Wards Auto:
"With little fanfare in late July, Mazda Motor Corp.?s board of directors approved the company?s ballyhooed rotary powered car program."

Mazda executive Phil Martens, who is managing director in charge of product strategy, design and product development, feels the model?s rear-drive platform could form the centerpiece for a new sports car family including, though not limited to, the MX Sports Tourer concept minivan (displayed at the Geneva Motor Show last year), a new Miata-like 2-seat roadster and even a future-generation RX-7 2-seat performance car.

Among the RX-8?s attributes, he says, are its 50/50 weight distribution, outstanding body structure, a scalable wheelbase, a 13-gal. (60 L) fuel tank, large trunk space (a major shortcoming of the Miata) ? and, of course, its naturally aspirated "RENESIS" rotary engine, which was first displayed at the 1995 Tokyo Motor Show on the RX-01 concept sports car.

"Our thinking is to limit the engine?s usage to sports cars," says Mr. Martens, who adds: "Powertrain requirements have become extremely complicated. You?ve got to factor in so many variables ? emissions, fuel economy, performance. On top of this, economies of scale needed for any (new model) program to succeed have become so onerous that I do not envision the engine being adopted for models in other segments."

Again most of this information has been here, (you just have to look in the archives)... and yes, look for the production version of the RX-8 to be shown this month!

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Rotary Power Rocks Finals
Submitted by SuperUser on Wednesday, October 3, 2001 - 12:00am

Last weekend, all of the different Rotary Powered vehicles rocked the house at the Mazda NHRA Import World Finals in Pomona. From a very original 1967
Cosmo towing around a RX-3 Race car, to R-100's, RX-2's, RX-3's, a RX-4, a
RX-5 (Cosmo), many 1st gen RX-7's, a few killer 2nd gens and of course, the
very fast 3rd gens out of the RX-7.COM stable also the full blown tube chassised 3rd gens running 7's. Some highlights of the show included Abel's 3rd gen whip Adam's NSX (7.67s vs. 8.20s). Siguel's 3rd gen 3-rotor monster made run a 7.58s @ 160. Dave Atkins with Atkins Rotary was in attendance, he won the ET1 bracket race at Pomona this weekend - He went 8 rounds and was very consistent with .51 reaction time. His plans are to break out his 9 second 1st gen, again.
Also a BIG HUGE congratulations to Southern California RX-7 Club member Robert Ferrel who ran in the bracket class at this event. This was Robert's first time at organized 1/4 mile track event and although he wasn't going as quick as he would of liked too, he was consistent. Oh, he was drag racing his 2nd gen convertible!

Mazda had a very fine display of vehicles at the event, including the
RX-EVOLV, and a pair of brand new full drag-race Proteges that will be out
next year.

Race Results for the Modified Final Round:
(W) Ray Lochhead (Mazda) 0.586 8.638 156.33
(L) Craig Paisley (Toyota) 0.874 9.057 135.89
Lochhead tattooed Paisley at the light and never trailed. It appears that
Craig lifted when he realized he wasn't going to make up the almost three
tenths difference at the starting line. Paisley will still enjoy the long trip
back to New York, he is the 2001 points champion in Modified.

Ray also turned a personal best 8.594 at 155.65 in the second round in his SR
Motorsports / Indigo sponsored car.

In Street Tire class...
(W) Ari Yallon ('93 Mazda RX7) 0.697 10.404 138.44
(L) Joel Tanzman ('82 Supra) 0.705 10.636 137.74
Ari Yallon ( sponsored) has clinched the 2001 points championship -
with a win he complete a very rare undefeated season. Both drivers have run
well today, but Joel will need to find about a tenth or two to have a chance.

Joel was consistent, but Ari dug down into his bag of tuning tricks. His run
is low ET of the event in Street tire, congrats to Air and his dominating

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2 Years of Operation! Limited Beer Stein Offer
Submitted by SuperUser on Monday, October 1, 2001 - 12:00am

When I first started a small website named, I did not even comprehend how much rotary news and events I would cover in the 24 months "Rotary News" was in operation. From the first pictures of the RX-Evolv in October of 1999, to registereing domain name, to the unveiling of the RX-8 in January of 2001, to Sevenstock 4 in June 2001, this site brought you the custom news that you want! This next year should be just as exciting, as the production version of the RX-8 will soon be hitting the US Shores.

To help celebrate, we are offering a limited edition "Rotorfest" Beer Stein The 22oz ceramic stein with gold trim is only available until October 31, 2001. Also at the we are offering15% off everything... SS4 packages, other shirts, and
toys. The discount code is 629232. Place it at the bottom of the page, and the 15% will be subtracted from the subtotal.

Thank you loyal readers, and new readers for making this site a central hub of information for our rotary engine on-line community!

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Sevenstock 4 Coverage in Japan!
Submitted by SuperUser on Saturday, September 29, 2001 - 12:00am

The latest issue of RX-7 Magazine has a nice, and so far largest, article about Sevenstock 4, held June 16th 2001 at Mazda Irvine R&D offices. (Read the fill event wrapup in English here) I sure wish I could read Japanese, to enjoy this article, but just looking at the great full color photos and layout bring back the day in its full glory.

The article covers the event fully, from morning, to 787b rollout to all the awesome cars that were brought out, to the dinner after the event.

If anyone wants to translate the article for me, please contact me!

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Mazda NHRA Import World Finals
Submitted by SuperUser on Monday, September 24, 2001 - 12:00am

WIDTH=187 HEIGHT=90>The top import
drag racers will compete Sept. 28-30 in a head-to-head competition
with the best in the country at the Mazda® NHRA® Import World
Finals presented by Toyo Tires® located at Pomona Raceway.
This inaugural season-ending national event will determine the
NHRA Summit Import Drag Racing Series champions for their respective
Import Racing celebrities will be on hand to meet with their fans
and sign autographs during this event. Included is this lineup are
local Team Toyo(TM) members: Abel Ibarra from Mira Loma, Calif., is
battling for the points lead in the Pro Class with his turbocharged,
178-mph Mazda RX-7. Stephan Papadakis hails from nearby Anaheim Hills,
Calif. and will be pitting his front wheel drive, 174-mph Honda Civic
against hard-charging Christian Rado (Modified Class points leader)
and Craig Paisley. Scott Kelley, also from Anaheim Hills, is a front
runner with his "Toyo Tires Bullet," a classic 1969 Volkswagen
Fastback. Kelley competes in the All Motor Class with impressive
11-second elapsed times against later model import machines.
Tickets are available for the Mazda NHRA Import World Finals
presented by Toyo Tires at the Pomona Fairplex ticket office. A
discount coupon valued at $5 off of the admission price can be
downloaded off of For ticket information, contact
800/884-NHRA, or view their Web site at

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Support the Red Cross
Submitted by SuperUser on Thursday, September 13, 2001 - 12:00am

The Southern California RX-7 Club,, and, RX-7 Forum, along with other clubs across the world have extended the donation period until the 12th of October to allow more time to participate in the giving. So far we have received over $271 from members of the local RX-7 clubs and people in the rotary community. I thank everyone who was able to help those in need during this time of crisis. Just like most of us in RX-7 clubs and in the rotary community pull together to help other rotary members in time of need, we as a people have pulled together to help others as if they were our own friends and family. The taking of donations will go until October 12th for those who need more time to donate. Even a dollar helps. Thanks to all who helped and who still plan on helping.

Update: The RX-7 Club has joined the cause, as well as

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Sevenstock Commemorative Package
Submitted by SuperUser on Monday, September 10, 2001 - 12:00am

WIDTH=0 HEIGHT=0>We are proud to announce the availability of the Sevenstock 4 Commemorative
Package. This is an exclusive package, and proceeds will go directly to
the Southern California RX-7 Club. This is what is included in the
1 Sevenstock 4 Tshirt
1 Sevenstock 4 CDRom
1 RX-Evolv/ Tshirt

* Sevenstock 4 Poster
* Mazda Techno-slow-flip-top Calculator
* RX-8 Mini Poster
* Mazda Zoom Zoom Magazine

Or, if you just want the shirt from the event, they are available
too. Also available separate is the CDRom filled with an hour worth of
MPEG videos, and hundreds of megs worth of jpeg images.

Just Zoom Zoom over to the for your package today!

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