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RE Amemiya wins Super GT Round 1 - Suzuka
Submitted by Dan Mazzella on Sunday, March 16, 2008 - 10:45am

With a new sponsor, new colors, and new vigor, the RE Amemiya RX-7 (now named ORC AMEMIYA SGC-7) took the checkered flag in the first race of th 2008 Super GT Series! Drivers Hiroyuki Iiri and Ryo Orime finished 14.8 seconds ahead of the 2nd place car, the #2 Privée KENZO Asset Shiden.

Congratulations to the new team! Amemiya-san has put many hours into the new team. After clenching the 2006 Super GT series victory, it looks like 2008 is off to a very good start!

Hiroyuki Irie: "I'm happy, but I'm also relieved. I became the No. 1 driver for our team last season but was unable to win. Now I have won the first race of my second season. The Yokohama Rubber's tires have been a good match for our machine, and if we do things right, we should be able to get another win."

Ryo Orime: "This is my first win in the GT, so all I can say is that I am very happy. The machine is in very good condition, and it was great that the Yokohama Rubber's tires didn't lose their grip all the way to the finish. The last ten laps felt very long for me. Now I am going to do my best to help us get a second win."

GT300 Class

Car No.

17ORC AMEMIYA SGC-7Hiroyuki IiriRyo Orime1:45'39.04548YH

22Privée KENZO Asset ShidenKazuho TakahashiHiroki Katoh0'14.82748YH
326YUNKER POWER TAISAN PORSCHENobuteru TaniguchiShinichi Yamaji0'31.41648YH

481DAISHIN ADVAN ZTakayuki AokiTomonobu Fujii0'33.01148YH
543ARTA GaraiyaMorio NittaShinichi Takagi1Lap47MI

677CUSCO DUNLOP SUBARU IMPREZATetsuya YamanoKota Sasaki1Lap47DL
719WedsSport CelicaManabu OridoTsubasa Abe1Lap47YH

84EBBRO UEMATSU 320RRyohei SakaguchiMasaki Matsushita1Lap47YH
9110KUMHO BOXSTER-GTHidetoshi MitsusadaDaisuke Ikeda1Lap47KH

1031DOUBLEHEAD avex apr MR-SKyosuke MineoYuya Sakamoto1Lap47MI
1133HANKOOK PORSCHEMitsuhiro KinoshitaMasami Kageyama1Lap47HK

1211JIMCENTER DIXCEL ADVAN F430Tetsuya TanakaMasayuki Ueda1Lap47YH
1395Lightning McQueen apr MR-SKohei HirateKeisuke Kunimoto1Lap47MI

145Proμ MACH-GO 320RTetsuji TamanakaNaoya Yamano2Laps46YH
15111ARKTECH BOXSTER-GTHiroshi KoizumiGuts Jyonai2Laps46KH

1616CHUGAI UEMATSU 350RTadao UematsuKatsuhiko Tsutsui2Laps46YH
17666Rakuten BOMEX 320RShogo SuhoJunichiro Yamashita3Laps45KH

1827ISHIMATSU RYUMA HANKOOK GT3Takashi InoueHwang Jin-Woo3Laps45HK
191184CARAT SON GT3Takashi MiyamotoTakashi Ohi3Laps45YH

2070GAIKOKUYA ADVAN GT3-RSTakehide MaedaYutaka Yamagishi4Laps44YH

Classified (GT300: 33 Laps)

46MOLA LEOPALACE ZKazuki HoshinoHironobu Yasuda19Laps29MI

66DGRQ MURCIE RG-1Koji YamanishiAtsushi Yogo26Laps22YH

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March 17, 2008 - 2:56pm
For once more congratulations to Mazda and to the whole team...

They make us proud once again!!!
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