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Submitted by Dan Mazzella on Sunday, May 20, 2007 - 4:58pm

Welcome to another addition of Predictions, Rumors and Lies! This article, we'll look forward to the rumors surrounding the 2007 Tokyo Autoshow and beyond. What will be in store for the RX-8? Will Mazda finally bring the RX-7 back? Is the Kabura dead? What's up with all those funky looking concepts? All this, and more is just a click through away.

Let us start off with those crazy concepts Mazda has been showing: The Senku, Nagere, Ryuga, and Hazake. Word is the 5th concept of this "Flow" style will be shown at Tokyo in October 2007, with a fully functional "next generation RENESIS." It will be a coupe, but a design study only. New technology will be displayed along side the "Flow" concept at Tokyo. We are told there is even more emphasis within Mazda to a) make the Rotary green, b) make it powerful c) make it more gas efficient and d) showcase the engineering in the car, not hide it behind black plastic. Some of the technology shown at Tokyo will make it into future product at some point, it is a question of when, and how innexpensive they can make it. Look for coverage of the 2007 Tokyo Autoshow starting late September 2007 on!

On to the current Rotary Powered offering from Mazda: The RX-8. We will see the RX-8 undergo a "Major-Minor" change this fall/winter. Some changes to the power train will occur, but there will be no Mazdaspeed version. The market "just is not there" according to inside sources. The RX-8 is slated to continue for a few more years on the current platform. It is possible the next generation RX-8 will resemble the "Flow" concepts, and will incorporate some of the technological advances under development right now.

Next up: the production model based off the Kabura concept. Word is this is still in the pipe-line, but will not be rotary powered. Sources have gone quiet on this front as of late, we are not sure if that means they want it to be a surprise at Detroit, or if they are simply not working on it.

Finally, the RX-7. <sigh> Sadly, the automotive press is falsely raising the hopes of many Rotorheads. They have been reporting an RX-7 could be out as soon as 2010. However, there are still huge up-hill battles the RX-7-philes within Mazda have to fight even to make it into the product planning stages. If the RX-7 were to be resurrected, the "Flow" concepts could be a clue on how it would look.

Please, leave your feedback here on this site about anything you've read above.

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crazy concepts
May 24, 2007 - 10:05am
The Senku was a concept from the previous rotation of Auto Shows and is not part of the Nagare (flow) series of concepts.

The Nagare series of concepts includes 4 concepts starting with Nagare, followed by Ryuga then Hakaze (not Hazake as written above)and one more not yet revealed which is supposed to debut at Tokyo.

Each of the 4 Flow designs is said to be closer to reality than the previous. So Nagare was 20 years or more away while Ryuga 10 or so years away with Hakaze being perhaps only 5 years away from reality. The indication then is that the 4th concept in this series, to debut at Tokyo, will be only a year or 2 away and be more of a prototype then concept.

One issue is that the Head of Mazda Europe is really pushing for his little pet baby UTE Ryuga to be made. Clearly Mazda needs something else in the short term. A light weight entry level coupe like the Kabura , rotary or not(cant believe i just wrote that here:O) seems to be what they are lacking.
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Predictions,Rumorsand Lies
May 20, 2007 - 7:59pm
The Automotive press is indeeed raising hopes of more Rotary options for us. Design grows on me so I keep looking at the concepts. I'm from the old school of thought and Rotary introduction was very secretative so I wouldn't be surprised if Mazda is a bit quiet on new models. The Tokoyo auto show will be here soon and I will be watching. With the gas mileage squeeze from C.A.F.E. approaching, I encourage Mazda. I wonder in years ahead cars may be 550 cc sub compacts.... again. As a real RX-8 owner of a 2004 automatic with over 53,000 miles I have never regretted my purchase, and been so pleased with HWY sticker gas mileage, yes - 25mpg. I have never had to add any oil between 3500 mile changes, and it has never failed to start. Tim
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