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Scoop on Prototype RX-8
Submitted by SuperUser on Wednesday, March 27, 2002 - 12:00am

Magazine X (in Japan) has a scoop on a prototype RX-8 that has been riping up the roads in Europe. The car is disguised in typical auto industry garb, borrowing a front bumper from a JSpec RX-7, rear from the Mazda Japanese Cappella. The following is what they have to say about the prototype...

We have finally caught the new model which will likely become the new RX-8.

When the scoop photos were brought to our editorial office, all the staff gathered to identify the model. However, it was not the RX-8 displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2001.

Then one of the staff pointed out that he had seen the front bumper before somewhere and another staff brought the catalogue of the RX-7. Yes, it was it. It was the bumper fitted on the RX-7. There are hollows in the area where the position light and turn signal should be located, indicating that the details of the prototype has not been finalized yet.

Also the headlight is not that of the RX-8, Attenza nor Cappella as turn signal has been situated at the inner part of the headlight.

Side view is also strange. There are lines on the front fender, front door and rear door. But the lines on the front and rear door are uneven, showing that the rear door is brought from the RX-8 but the front door is something new. Not many Mazda cars use grip type door handle and the one on this car has different shape and size from others. Still there is a possibility that the under part of the front door is derived from another car and the upper part is original.

Rear view of the car is also a surprise. Squared combination light and a bumper with black braid are derived from the current Cappella.

Twin tail pipes have been projected from holes which seem temporary. The Attenza has twin pipes but are situated more closely together so the test car has nothing to do with the Attenza.

Looking at the rear pillar, what looked like a window has been identified as a trace of body panel joint. Do they want to obtain a big trunk capacity by adopting as large overhung as that of Cappella? Or did they want to camouflage the test car by using the tail part of the Cappella?

As you can see, its shape is not definite yet. However, we are confident that the rotary sports car will continue to exist in the 21st century. It is likely that the new RX-8 will be introduced in early 2003.

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