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200mph rx7
Submitted by shaolindrifter on Thursday, November 2, 2006 - 2:04pm

Hey people you must have been living under rocks for your whole lives or your all stupid. I saw aome news first thing when I got on this site that said they had the first 6 sec 200 mph 7. I saw someone told them it wasnt the first 6 sec 7, but it wasnt the first 200mph one either. In fact the fastest landspeed record for a street legal car belongs to the rx7(fd). It was built by mazda speed and it made 215mph on a two rotor 13b. It was at 215 in 5th gear. As it shifted into 6th it spun a 360 then launched into the air like a jet. The car had only the stock rear spoiler for downforce

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