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Question concerning 'how' the RX-8 buyback process works...
Submitted by RipNRun on Wednesday, August 23, 2006 - 1:41pm

Hi All,

My first post here--I'm writing on behalf of my significant other. We've had some issues with her RX-8 (2004, 27K miles). It's on its 3rd engine in as many months--last one blew with maybe a hundred miles or so, driving back and forth to work.

The dealership contacted Mazda to work out a replacement deal. Unfortunately, the offer is far less than attractive.

In this case, the dealership agreed to give $16K for the car (towards the purchase of another, more expensive RX-8, of course), with Mazda pitching in another amount to subsidize the deal. We were told the car would be taken out of commission.

Now, here's what confuses me. Is the dealer actually losing the $16K, or is Mazda footing the entire bill by subsidizing the dealer through other means?

I'd be quite irritated to discover that we were being upsold, with more money out of our pockets and Mazda's, all to supplement the dealer. While I have no problem with everyone making their margins, it shouldn't be at our expense since we were stuck with the defective vehicle.

I'd have a lot better room to plead my case with Mazda, or whomever, if I understood how this process works between Mazda and the dealer. Any input on this is helpful. Thanks,


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