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Just got a 91 vert
Submitted by germ on Saturday, August 19, 2006 - 7:45am

I was told by a local mechanic that my 91 RX7 vert non-turbo--is the slowest and heaviest one made --Is this true? What is the first thing to do -to improve gas mileage and performance-the previous owner -has already put an Racing beat exhaust on it, and a drop in style K&N air filter--I'm not looking to race the car, just to improve performance a little and get better MPG if possible --it seems to guzzle it up --any advice is appreciated --thanks


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RE: Just got a 91 vert
August 23, 2006 - 8:55pm
Hey, many congrats on your purchase. Hope she brings lots of fun!

Actually I can't comment much on improvement. I, too, have '91 vert, and was disappointed with the bad mileage at first. Yes, it's probably the heaviest and (I think) only faster than prevous verts. I tried many gimmicks(smoothening air flow stuff, gas addetive, and other), but nothing really enhanced the mileage. I think I'm getting slightly better mileage by regularly maintaining and 91 gas. I wish there were some way to increase the power (completely ignoring mileage), but supercharger etc would make it impossible to pass smog here in California. Besides, I'm very used to revving her high and I sort of forget that she only has 160ps-when new. I average 16-18, and the highest is 24. When I drive more conservatively with mostly highway, I think I can do 18-21.

I love this vert as I, for the first time, am free from POWER craving.
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91 vert
September 7, 2006 - 9:38am
My RX7 has 92k on it -Is it safe to rev it above 6k RPM's? I've read on the net that these engines will crapout around 90k-- maybe thats just poor maintained engines or pushed really hard ones --I live in TN --where there is no smog laws --But i wouldnt know where to start on taking stuff off --probly best to leave it alone ?? Do you have a subwoofer in your Vert? I am having trouble with finding a place for it-other than the trunk- which is basically the only storage space -for trips and stuff-- thanks for replying

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RE: 91 Vert
September 7, 2006 - 10:26am
TN? No smog? I'd drop a Super Charger, but the mileage probably'd drop by half.

Not safe to rev above 6K? It's probably not safe to not rev above 6K. I'm not sure about the condition of your engine, but I make sure to rev above 8500 when I take her out for a spin. It's a way to blow carbons that are stuck in the engine, and it's suppose to be healthier thing for the REs. That said, it greatly depends on the condition of you engine. I've read in RX7club's forum ( that it's common for RE NA to last upto 160-180K, and Turbos 120-160K. 2 things I'm very careful is to rev when I drive, and oil type. As discussed in other threads regarding oil type in RX-8, we really need to be careful not to use just any oil. I've read numerous threads recommending Purple oil, but it's a bit pricey.

As far as where to start, I'd start where it doesn't feel right. If nothing is wrong, it's fun to start one by one - change fluids, hoses, filters etc... the standard maintenance stuff. I'd grab a Haynes manual for that. I need new set of bushings, but I have to get out of school before that-looks time consuming.

Woofer? I'm not a sound guy so I have no idea. If no one has done it in this forum, try the RX7Club's forum. The amount of info is astonishing, and search threads very thoroughly before posting; I've seen so many people getting flamed.

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