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On The Road Again - With Your Help PLEASE!!
Submitted by Stormcaster on Friday, June 16, 2006 - 8:49am

TII Out-of-Retirement?
Well, this will be my first post on this (or any other) RX website for a couple years now, and my first question is a “doozy” : what would be the most reliable method when it comes to pulling a 1988 Mazda RX-7 TII, back into service, after it has just sat there for approximately 3-years?

Yes, I did commit a mortal sin – I confess!!

And no, I took no measures to insure that it would “come back to life” either…didn’t even remove the battery…YIKES!!!

So there it sits, at LEAST garaged, away from the elements, for 3-years. Due to unforeseen circumstances I was unable to even turn it over again and thought that I would always “get it going next spring”, so even the oil (albeit, oil that had just been changed) has sat in the engine all this time.

Before I “stored” it, I was having a slight compression problem (this was, however, according to my local Mazda dealership – but MY specs show it to be within range for these seals and this altitude!!) BUT, other than that I can honestly say that this is one of THE most CHERRY REX TII’s that I’ve ever seen – inside AND out!!

So, gentlemen I need your help.

First, logic dictates that just bolting-in a new battery and trying to turn it over is NOT exactly the sane thing to do – if that would even work I would probably inadvertently deposit a shit-load of carbon into my seals; so how should I go about re-popping the cherry on this once-beautiful beast? Yes, I have read on some forums, that injecting “PowerFoam” into the damn engine could, possibly, be a solution but I’d love to hear from others on this issue and I sure do appreciate any advice you can give me.

Second, if I am in error, and the compression on this 1988 TII IS below-spec, where would the majority of you, my “brethren” purchase a rebuilt engine?

After a couple of weeks cruising the Internet, I keep coming back to Atkins Rotary Specialties ( Their prices seem inline with other, similar “rebuilders” but, for some reason they just seem to be more “up-front” IMHO. SO, would this be a place that you would purchase a rebuild for YOUR RX?

One area of concern is the “new” 3mm seals: I am unfamiliar with them so I wonder if they are merely a “gimmick” or if they really DO form a tighter, longer-lasting seal?

Well, that’s all the questions I have, for now. And again, I REALLY, REALLY APPRECIATE ANY ASSISTANCE YOU CAN PROVIDE ON THIS MATTER – I’m all-but DYING to get this RX on the road again!!

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In The Wrong Area :(??
June 29, 2006 - 8:20pm
Well, I keep on checking back here hoping that somebody could tell me something, ANYTHING, about my RX...but not a single reply so far :(? What..did I post in the wrong place or something :(??

I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE THE ANSWER TO AT LEAST ONE OF MY QUESTIONS: is this car ever going to RUN again OR has it sat too long and I have to scrap this beauty for PARTS :(???

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first start in a long long time
October 3, 2006 - 8:37pm
Well I just bought my first car a fiew days ago. Guess what it was? An '88 RX-7 SE. I know what you're thinking, "Like I'ma take advice from some kid" but I bought it from a guy who was keeping it in his garage just like you are (it needed a clutch hydraulic master and slave cylinder). Now he did say every "once in a while" he would start it up, but who knows what that ment. Anyway, I went over there about a week from the first time I had seen it and started it up cold with his permission. (The last time this car had an oil change was around 2 years ago, and it had been in the garage ever since.) I went to start it and it struggled a bit. He had kept it on a trickle charge for all that time and it seemed to start up just fine. There wasn't a special proceedure to go through, other than ofcourse letting it warm up before doing anything with it. I think your RX-7 will be just fine, and I hope you can get it out on the road to enjoy it. (I sure am enjoying mine!!)
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I would get a new battery in
June 30, 2006 - 12:22pm
I would get a new battery in there first - then siphon as much old gas as you can from the tank. Get a quart of synthetic two-stroke oil, remove the spark plugs, check/clean the plugs, squirt a bit of oil in each chamber and put maybe half of the the rest in a couple of gallons of fresh gas and pour it into your tank. Hmmm then I'd give it a go. Good Luck.
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New Battery, New Fuel, New......
July 2, 2006 - 11:31pm
Thank you VERY much for the advice there Bill! Yes, I'm going to start with the battery and then get what little fuel what was in the tank, OUT of the tank even if I have to suck it outa there and ingest it :O! THAT'S how much I love this car RX!!

I'll probably just go ahead and replace the spark plugs (NKG or NGK? whichever, I know that those are THE plugs to use!!), sure couldn't hurt anything AND I won't have to worry about the carbon (I reckon). I guess while I'm at it I may as well replace the spark plug wires too, any specific brand you'd recommend?

Just to be clear, I DO squirt the synthetic oil into the spark plug..errr, holes, correct? That is the only was I know of to get to the "chambers".

I'll write back here once I get her started (trying to be optimistic) and again, I sure do appreciate your advice - THANK YOU BILL :)!!

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Yes, I would be concerned abo
July 5, 2006 - 11:19am
Yes, I would be concerned about top-end lubrication for the first few minutes of running after having sat so long. Squirting some two-stroke oil in the spark plug holes (just one hole per rotor :) ) will help when the engine is first turned over and the two-stroke oil will burn off cleanly. I don't know if anyone besides NGK makes plugs for the rotary - but I do remember something about Bosch making one that fit but the electrodes were breaking off from the rotary vibrations or something. The NGKs were pretty expensive but that is what I'd use. Good luck!
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