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The market is open for a low to mid prices 2 seat hatchback
Submitted by sureshot on Tuesday, March 14, 2006 - 9:27am

I like my rotary, but a quick Kabura (even with a piston engine) would grab me.
I like the way the RX-8 drives & looks.
The Kabura styling is right on.
My old 91 RX-7 is my daily driver, but it's days are numbered.
For me, the hatchback is a big deal, not just for shopping. I can load 7 boards of 2x4-8 lumber with the hatch closed, or carry 4 spare wheels to an autocross. The next weekend I can take my wife on a day trip for some great seafood.

It seems like now there is a gap in the market for a quick affordable 2 seat hatch back.

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March 26, 2006 - 6:43pm
I really don't like that car, but i'm sure there are plenty out there that'll love it, it's futuristic, and with a turbo renesis and low wieght i'd say it'l be a great car, but nameing it RX-7? Not a chance in H***!!! A new RX-7 should look something like and FD, maybe look "newer"
but it should be a hatchback with a two cylinder rotary, with twin turbos, there should be a n/a version as well, for those who don't need speed quite so much, and don't have as much money (Me)I have an 87 RX-7, And I know someone with a 93. Both styles are great. It needs to be roadster, and modern.
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Styling matters less if it is fast/quick enough
March 29, 2006 - 7:33am
Style is a matter of taste, so there can be no argument.
But, if it’s fast enough styling matters much less.

You can verify this by looking at how may people bought the ugly Saab turbo.
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