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Renesis questions
Submitted by LCawood on Wednesday, March 1, 2006 - 10:08am

Before I spend the big bucks on a RX-8, I was hoping that you guys could answer a few concerns I had about the rotary engine. First, reading up on the rotary, it seems great. If so, why does only Mazda use them? Or, I should say, why aren't they more popular? Does Mazda own proprietary rights on Wankel's design? Why doesn't Mazda use rotary engines in their other vehicles? Another question is what is with the flooding problem? Flooding was a problem with carburetors. Why is flooding a problem with rotary engines? Thanks!

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RX-8 Cold Turn-off and Flooding?
November 24, 2006 - 10:26am
I recently bought a 2006 RX-8. The instructions for short trip (like driving out of the garage) is to don’t shut the engine off cold, but leave it running until the temp gage comes to center. Then rev to 3000 rpm for 10 seconds, and then you can turn it off. I guess if you don’t do this there could be a starting (flooding?) problem and I read the procedure for clearing that. Or, maybe it’s more serious if its a lubrication problem (wet gas on the chamber walls?) I have several questions concerning this problem.
1. Does anybody understand technically what why this problem occurs and why this warm-up procedure is neccessary?
2. Was this problem fixed in the 2004 to the mid 2006 recalls? (Could the problem be circumvented by reprogramming the computer)?
3. Do these same procedures apply to 2007 RX-8s? (And if so might the fix be in my 2006 with a June, 12 build date)?
4. And last, what the chance of ignoring the warm-up and still never having a problem
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Flooding on cold start
December 17, 2006 - 4:21pm
I have had my 2004 RX8 for 3 years and I did experience the cold start flooding twice ( the first and last time). It does happen. I backed my car out of the garage and turned it off. Washed it in the drive way, started it up and parked it back in the garage. The next day..... It wouldn't start. Since it was under warranty Mazada sent a truck picked it up, replaced the spark plugs and got it running. I was told the reason for this is because when the car starts the ECM is waiting for a temp signal to indicate that the engine is warm and switch from the "choke" setting to run. If you don't allow it to reach temp it will start in choke again even if it isn't required based on the O2 sensor of Fuel to air ratio. I was told it should be fixed in future software revisions but haven't been told it is fixed by the dealer. It also depends on where the rotor stopped on in its cycle. Because of the low compression ratio of the large area of the ignition chamber a little extra fuel makes flooding easier. You can pull your spark plugs, dry out the igntion area and restart the engine. It almost always requires you to replace the plugs since the are usally heavily fouled.
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RX--8 cold turn-off and flooding
November 26, 2006 - 8:57am
I used to have an 88 RX-7 which had this flooding problem. After searching the internet for any solution, I found FAQ section on that can help. The flooding issue is caused by a glitch in ECU section of the car. Mazdatrix has a step by step process that you can do which isn't very hard if you know how to change your sparkplugs. I have a 2005 RX-8 now and have yet to run into this problem. Mazdatrix's process only allows you to get the car running again. The problem will always be there and I don't know if Mazda can fix those flooding problems permanently. Just try to remember to always let the car get up to temp before you shut it off again. Take it from me you will do Mazdatrix's process more than once throughout the life of the car because we all forget these things sometimes. *Important* I just checked to see if the the flooding procedure was there and they took it off, if anyone needs the process I can post it on here.
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November 25, 2006 - 6:54am
I think it's something to take into consideration
when you move your car. I have my 2004 RX-8
15 months now and have never had a flooding
problem; however, I always try to never move the
car and shut her down. When I did because of
necessity, I still had no problem. The only time
one of my 6 Rotary Engined cars ever flooded
was due to bad gas. I believe the problem is there
simply because even though there are 4 plugs it is
really only a 2 firing chamber engine, (like a 2 cylinder)
therefore less forgiving than a 4, 6 or 8 cylinder.
(It's easier to foul the plugs in 2 chambers - the more the
merrier) I believe just by paying attention, the problem
does't rear it's head. Hey I fouled the plugs in my L300
Saturn (V6) when I moved it to shovel snow. The car ran
rough and the check engine light came on. A nice drive on
the highway cleared it up. With the Rotary be really
cautious on a cold damp winter day.
P.S. I believe the recall is supposed to help; but keep in
mind, repeated moving and shutting down will simply
gunk up the plugs in any car, especially if you never reach
operating temperature.
I don't worry about this.
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The rotary generalities
March 3, 2006 - 8:46am
From what I have read, the nut is manufacturing efficiency.
Piston engine manufacturing is more complex, but is also highly automated.
Some steps in rotary engine building are still done by hand.

The rotary makes big power for its size & weight, but being (the equivalent of) a short stroke design, it lacks low end torque.
I personally like that attribute. I can drive around smoothly & gently with my wife. If I want to really go, I just move up to the top half of the tachometer.
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The rotary generalities
December 19, 2006 - 6:46pm
I find there still alot of bad stigma attached to rotary engined vehicles.
I remember when I got my first, the constant remarks of un-reliability, poor gas comsumption (or rather ravanous thurst).
All have been unfoundered. Except for the fuel comsumption ;P
And even then It's fair for the power it makes.
Power = Fuel, and vice versa.
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