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Rotary Racing Featured on Newly Released Artwork
Submitted by Berny Herrera on Thursday, January 19, 2006 - 1:10pm

Tim Chadwick, a Rotary enthusiast and artist from New Zealand, has just released a Limited Edition (1000) poster that features some very historically significant and cool Rotary racing vehicles. RotaryNews.Com would like to support Tim, as it is very few motorsport artists who tackle our favorite subject, the Rotary! It’s good to see that there are still folks out there that are willing to paint for us, the Rotary enthusiast!

As a child Tim used to watch Rod Millen race and rally his Mazda RX-3 in New Zealand. On his new ltd edition (hand signed and numbered run of 1000 only, ever.) Rod Millen's RX-3 is featured from 1976, along with his North American winning RX-7 from the early eighties, as well as the Le Mans wining 787B, the early Cosmo at Nurburgring in 1968, the R100 at Spa, Belgium in 1970, modern classic racing RX-2 and RX-3s, plus Allan Moffat’s Australian and several early Le Mans RX-7 racers.

These high quality, large A1 size, paper prints feature all of the Mazda vehicles mentioned above, and carry the title, Forming The Mazda Rotary Racing Revolution. Tim is offering these prints at $40.00 New Zealand posted to USA or Australia. Tim welcomes all enquiries, including discounts for businesses wanting to buy in bulk for resale, but the 1000 editions are already selling quickly, and may sell out at this years NZ Mazda Rotary National event in late January 2006. Tim has had great comments from Rotary enthusiast about the quality and authenticity of this print and its captioned art work.

RotaryNews.Com also received the following comments from the artist himself:

“I presently don’t own a Rotary, but I got my first speeding ticket in one (kind of like losing ones motoring virginity) way back in about 1983, or somewhere thereabouts. My cousin had an RX-3 which he conveniently rolled-over outside the gates of the local hospital, so instead of an ambulance, the hospital staff just ran outside with a stretcher!!

I’m really trying to sell these posters, as I’m a solo dad about to (phew!) put my daughter (13) through high school. I really do therefore appreciate your, and the Rotary community’s, interest, and I enjoy viewing the RotaryNews.Com site, and reading about what you guys do for children (SevenStock), or and above just being a Rotary car enthusiasts site. Anyhow, enough raving from me; Happy Rotoring to you and all of your readers, from a summer evening neat the bottom of the world!! Best regards and shiny mudguards, Tim Chadwick”

Tim can be e-mailed for any inquiries or orders at: Tim Chadwick

Artist Biography

Born: October, 1962. Star sign: Libra. Shoe size: 10 1/2

Tim Chadwick grew up in Hawera, Nz. He taught art there for several years but is now at Inglewood High School. He studied art under Frank Davis, Cliff Whiting, Paul Dibble and David Aitken at Palmerston North Teacher's College.

Tim has exhibited in Auckland (Star Art), Wellington (33 1/3), the Govett Brewster Gallery in New Plymouth, the Manawatu Art Gallery in Palmerston North, and in smaller centres such as Bulls and Manaia, as well as hometown Hawera. Exhibitions over the years number around 20.
His art has been described by Ian Wedde as "School of Wellington gone Punk" and by Art New Zealand journalist Geri Thomas as "Raucous and Anarchistic". Evening Standard reviewer Tony Martin said that his "dazzling work put Tim somewhere in the aesthetic chasm between Diego Rivera and Walt Disney".

Tim is also a staff writer for New Zealand Classic Car Magazine which involves him closely with his other interest in old vehicles. Tim is interested in the work of Robert Rauschenberg, "The Fall" and Ronald Hugh Morrieson, whose now demolished home in Hawera he tried to save by leading the "Scarecrow committee" (a group of culturally concerned Hawerians.)
Tim's art is held in several New Zealand collections including the Massey University collection of Art, the Department of Conservation Collection, and the James Wallace collection. A few works are owned by overseas collectors.

Artist's Statement
"My artwork centres on the people, objects, events and places that affect my life. Therefore things such as old cars, illness, my children, love & lust, toys, plants, musical references, cultural icons, and the towels I dry myself on after showering, can all be put through the artistic mill in search of an understanding or resolution. I think I am quite eclectic with the things I dabble in and elements of cross-cultural pollination occur from time to time before the final hybrid flower blossoms. I also tend to blend differing mediums in the work. I've always had a tendency towards creativity and have been painting or making things for as long as I can remember . . ."

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I have no. 127
January 22, 2006 - 4:54pm
I was sitting in my car (Series 4 RX-7) in a Wellington (New Zealand) petrol station when this guy (the artist) appeared at my window wanting to know if I was interested in buying his poster. Of course I was happy to buy it, and now it graces the wall in my lounge at home.

Cool to see it turn up on the rotarynews site.
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Thanks for the the on your ex
January 23, 2006 - 2:51pm
Thanks for the comments on your experience with the artist and the poster!
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