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Mazda Kabura Concept at NAIAS: "This one isn't Rotary"
Submitted by Dan Mazzella on Sunday, January 8, 2006 - 3:24pm

Day one of the North American International Autoshow (NAIAS) brought us the unveiling of the long awaited Mazda Kabura, a 3+1 seat piston powered concept coupe. The concept shown at the autoshow is not rotary powered, but the comment from Maury Callam was "this one isn't rotary powered." Mazda needs to make a business case for making this car in a rotary powered version, and it won't happen without your input. Take a look at our day-one photo gallery of the Mazda Press Conference and booth, (Click here) then leave your feedback. There needs to be a flood of messages, even if the message is short, it will count.

We will have more coverage of the Detroit Autoshow tomorrow, including more technical information on the Kabura. Click through to see images from today.

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Yes to a rotary.
January 9, 2006 - 6:25pm
This car needs to be built and it needs a rotary option. When I get done with college next year, I'll need something to park next to my '79 Rx-7 and I think this car would be great. I would like to see Mazda build a car that captures the essence of the first generation Rx-7. What I want is a small, light-weight, rotary powered sports car. It is time to get back to the basics of what a sports car is. I would like to see this car offered stripped down like my '79... no power steering, no power locks, and no power windows. If you made this car rotary powered, I WOULD BUY IT!!
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I love rotaries and I think t
January 10, 2006 - 8:18pm
I love rotaries and I think that the Rx8 is a great car. I certainly do not think that a new Rx7 should look anything like an Rx8 though. Give us Rx7 guys a break. We have been hearing about those weird fenders for a couple of years now. The Rx7 was a beautifully styled car. It never featured edgy styling and I don't think that it ever should. The Rx8 and cars like it do well with that kind of styling. The Toyota Celica is another example or a sucessfull car that uses edgy styling. Those cars however make sacrafices that an Rx7 should not. For example the Rx8 has a back seat, backward opening rear doors and a roof line that doesn't slope down much so that it can better accomodate rear passengers . Thats great! It helps us sell to a segment that wants to be able to carry the kids to school or go out with friends. Its a much more practical car than the Rx7 ever was. The Toyota Celica too has a back seat and a roof line to match. The Celica even gave up rear wheel drive decades ago. No big deal for someone who needs a practical and fun car that gets great gas mileage!

An Rx7 needs to be a more dedicated sports car. You want to put people in the back? Fine. Offer a 2+2. Maybe it will be a little tight but thats ok. Its a sports car. You don't want to pay the big bucks for the turbo model? Get the N/A version. Not all sports cars have to be super fast. The first generation Rx7 was and the Mx5 still is proof of that.

You need a car that will sell. Not another 3rd gen. The 3rd gen was a beautifull car but it was too expensive and too impractical. The first gen was a great car too and it sold great! It would be a fantastic sales generator for Mazda today if it weren't for the Miata already taking its place. And again the Rx8 is fun and practicall... but weird looking. We don't need a weird looking Rx8 derived Rx7. We need Styling that matches or surpasses that of the 3rd gen Rx7 and one that offers the flexability in options of the 2nd gen. That will sell for sure!

I can understand the desire to use Rx8 parts or atleast the Rx8 assembly line or assembly techniques in the Rx7. But please don't use so much of the styling. The Mx5 uses a lot of parts that are similar to those in the Rx8 and it works great dispite hanging on to the styling. But steer away from that styling a bit more with the Rx7. Putting it on the Mx5 was pushing it enough.

Oh and if you're thinking of putting a piston engine in that thing, forget about it. Do you remember the 808? How about the 618? No? Neither does any one else. Thats because no one liked them. We don't need to learn that lesson twice
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Rotary Kabura
February 1, 2006 - 7:14pm
Mazda builds some of the most innovative cars. I would love to see the Kabura concept as a Rx-3 in future years. The rotary is a engine thats makes spirited driving very easy, it spins so fast and the response is instant. A lightweight compact rwd with rotary would be my replacement for my Miata when she's paid.
Putting a renesis would spread R&D costs, and make Kabura a serious contender in the compact coupe class, easily able to beat Scion tC or the Civic.
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TBH, rotary or not, I hope th
February 2, 2006 - 12:13am
TBH, rotary or not, I hope that's not the new RX-7. The hatch back design is fine, but not for a 7, not for a sports car.
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build the kabura
March 3, 2006 - 7:34pm
build the kabura and I will buy one. I'm looking at getting a sporty coupe to go with my mazda 3. It should meet the following:
1. light less than 2500 lbs
2. rear wheel drive
3. at least 180 horsepower
4. cost around $20k, and have a bare bones track model available
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