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rx8 power down after first service at 1000 km
Submitted by djad on Tuesday, November 1, 2005 - 11:10am

hi guys,

i had my rx8 for a month now and its been lovely. I just had my first 1000km and the mazda techs told me to go in for a service.

I did, and now my car feels to rev not as freely as it did, and it seems like it has lost a little bit of it power and acceleration.

i saw that they charged me for 5w30 oil, which may account for it, since in the car there was a filler-up oil which was 5w40 if i am not mistaken. Was teh 5w40 the original oil that came inside the engine (straight in from Japan production line).

What is the oil i should be using? having in mind i am in europe and where i am out max/min temperatures range from 44 to -5 degrees celcius.

Any ideas?


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