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SevenStock 8: Another Top Notch Rotary-Only Carshow!
Submitted by Dan Mazzella on Tuesday, October 11, 2005 - 2:40pm

SevenStock 8, held October 7th-9th in the Orange County area, was another great success in the (now) long line of car shows put on by the SoCalRX Club. With the help of us, at, the good folks at the Mazda R&D Center in Irvine, Ca, and of course the hardest working club around, thousands of Rotorheads enjoyed a near perfect car show on Saturday, preceded by a charity car wash on Friday, kart racing at Dromo1, and followed by a Dyno Day at Rotary Reliability and Racing in Santa Ana, Ca. From as far away as Northern and Eastern Europe, 3 Caribbean countries, and 4 Asian countries, people traveled to come to the world's premiere Rotary Car Show.

The weekends events started on Friday with the caravans arriving from Arizona and Nevada to the east, and those who came through the Bay Area from the north. In a departure from previous years, the caravans arrived at Mazda Corporate HQ in the southern part of Irvine. There a very successful car wash, benefiting the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation, collected over $8000! It was a chance for the cars to be cleaned of the collected bug goo, and road grime, and shows that Mazdaphiles care about the kids!

Later Friday evening, people made their way to Dromo-1 in Orange, Ca for lots of fun karting. A group of Swedes and Norwegens battled it out for Northern European bragging rights. For the record, the Norwegens won, but all had huge smiles on their faces as they left the track. Members of the SoCalRX Club,, and Rotary13b Inc greeted all the visitors, chatted with them about the weekend's events, and reminisced about past Sevenstocks.

Before dawn on Saturday cars started to line up. Antonio in a very nice VR RX-8 was first to line up on Reynolds, across the street from R&D, arriving at 5:10 in the AM. By 8:00AM, rotaries circled the block, as more and more kept on arriving. The gates opened a little after 9:15AM, you would think the volunteers were pros at traffic control. By 9:50AM the hundreds of RX-7s, RX-8s, RX-2s,3s,4s,5s R100s and REPUs were in and parked. The first big item on the itinerary was the welcome show, with the RX-792p and the #64 Hans Kudzu 4-rotors were fired up and driven to the main stage. Remarks were made by special guests Jim Downing, Rick Engeman, Koby-san, Yamaguchi-san, and Yamamoto-san. Soon, people flooded into the courtyard, gleaning pieces of Mazda Rotary Racing History. Everything from modern day rotary-hero Abel Ibarra's Drag RX-8, to Historic Jim Downing's IMSA Winning RX-3 were shown. Also featured were the two 1984 Lola cars, first shown last year at SevenStock, 4 Jim Downing race cars, the new Rod Millen Drift RX-8, three Bonneville cars, including a new FC3s salt-flat RX-7 racer owned by Royce Branch. As the event went into full swing, the music of SevenStock started. The three and four rotor race cars were started up to the pleasure of all in the crowd. People were free to roam around the R&D parking lot and street, looking for ideas on what to do to their ride next. Ti add to their knowledge, two tech seminars were run, one with Rob from Pineapple Racing, the other: the famous Rick Engeman. SevenStock was a chance for vendors to meet face to face with their customers, and to make new ones. From Cerment Rotor housings to keychains, vendors supporting anything rotary or Mazda were in attendance. The daytime events wrapped up with the awesome raffle, where more than $10,000 in prizes were given out, and the car show winners were announced.

Saturday's events concluded at the Hilton. First with the happy hour mixer in the courtyard, and finishing with the Banquet. 250 people had dinner with Mazda, vendors, and special guests at the Hilton. Jim Downing, Rick Engeman presented their history or rotary racing in America. Downing went into his new venture, the HANS device, that has saved countless racers neck and spine injury. SevenStock favorite Koby-san introduced two very special Mazda Engineers from Mazda Japan: Yamaguchi-san, and Yamamoto-san. After the speeches were over, people mingled well into the night, moving to the bar area, and breaking into small groups, talking about everything rotary under the sun.

After the very late night for some, Sunday morning started with dyno pulls at Rotary Reliability and Racing in Santa Ana, Ca. 20 some cars made it exciting for the on-lookers, from low powered aged 12a engines, through high power 13b's, each run was exciting. Over at Racing Beat, there was no open house, but the doors were open for out of town rotorheads to purchase items at 10% off. The shop saw a steady stream of customers through the day.

All in all, over 450 cars, 4000 people, a total of nearly $13,000 raised for the JDRF kids, thousands of photos made last weekend a very good one to end the season. With fall and winter fast approaching, the organizers are already thinking about SevenStock 9. As some have said, we could not kill the beast after SevenStock 7, so now we must feed the monster every year.

300+ Images available, click here!

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October 24, 2005 - 10:56pm
After the success of Sevenstock 8 will there be Sevenstock 9???

I really hope so because as fas as I see it rotary enthusiast are growing worldwide. I believe the only problem would be that there would not be enough space for everyone to fit. Maybe you guys should rent out the L.A Conventional Center for next year.

Just a suggestion
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Thanks for the comments 13BNU
October 25, 2005 - 12:35pm
Thanks for the comments 13BNUT. We hope to be able to bring you all another SS next year. Please look out for updates through out the year. Convention Center would be nice, but expensive! :)

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