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NRG Motorsports Announces 2006 RX-8 Campiagn
Submitted by K.W. Hanna on Tuesday, September 27, 2005 - 11:51am

NRG Motorsports Announces 2006 RX-8 Campiagn


9/27/2005 - There are many stars in the universe, some of them wear a helmet. Competition racing and motorsports engineering are two passions that Nick Gurucharri had while growing up. He began his career in karts at age 10. By the time he was 15, Nick and his father Ray, were building a racecar for club competition. The competitive edge only grew stronger. While attending college, Nick focused his studies on business management and worked for several top Grand-am teams as a crew member. "Balancing work and school was tough but I knew in order to learn, I had to learn from the best. I worked at Speedsouce with Sylvain Tremblay for roughly 2 years. Sylvain is one of the best in the business and I am proud to say that he taught me much of what I know today. In 2003, I left Speedsource to work with Bell Motorsports. Again, Jim Bell and the entire Bell Motorsports operation is one to be admired. Those two organizations are outstanding in terms of professionalism and success," stated Nick.
In late 2004, Nick took a chance and formed NRG Motorsports Management. Like many other top teams, NRG Motorsports is a professional motorsports management firm that provides trackside support for both amateur and professional enthusiasts. Nick took his company a step further in early 2005 when he built his first Grand-am Cup ST Mazda RX-8. Using most of 05' as a year for research and development, Nick has since expanded his Grand-am Cup program to a fleet of four Mazda RX-8's for the 2006 Grand-am Cup season. When asked, "Why not just be a driver?", Nick commented, "I did not want to just be a professional racecar driver. I wanted to be a racecar driver and a motorsports engineer. I wanted to build a solid motorsports business so my career would not have to rely 100% on my driving like so many other professionals in this business."

At the age of 22, Nick is viewed as Grand-am's youngest team owner. He attributes much of his success to his father Ray. "My dad and I began racing as a hobby. It was something he always wanted to do as a kid but never had the chance. I saw my dad work two jobs at one point just to support a minor karting effort and our family. That was impressive to me. Here was a man that would do anything just so his son could have an opportunity at a wonderful childhood."

There are other key persons involved with NRG Motorsports. Donald Holness is the teams lead engineer and car builder. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. Rob Whitener, the teams business advisor, also brings considerable experience to the team.

NRG Motorsports will campagine two cars at the VIR 200. Beau Buisson, age 25, and Jordan Bupp, age 18, will be lead the driver line-up for the #25 car and Nick Gurucharri will lead the line-up for the teams second entry. "It is extremely exciting to be part of such a great racing organization. I am proud of everything I have accomplished so far but realize there is a lot to learn. I want to bring more young people into motorsports, therefore, I am working on a program for young college students to become actively involved as crew members with our team," said Nick.

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