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Rotary Engine Ready for Production
Submitted by ericbarger1 on Monday, August 15, 2005 - 1:33pm

Thermo Fan, Inc. completes 100 hour test of their RotaMax rotary engine.
Based on the Wankel principal, a 650cc rotary engine recently completed a flawless 100 hour run on the dynamometer at Thermo Fan’s Ohio facility. The engine is a single rotor configuration producing 75 horsepower @ 6700 RPM. The RotaMax engine family includes a 1300cc twin rotor that produces 150 horsepower @ 6700 RPM and, under development, a 150cc engine that will produce an estimated 25 to 30 HP. The 1300 is very similar to the Mazda RX7 and RX8 engines, with some distinct differences. The RotaMax engine uses a charge cooled rotor whereby the incoming air and fuel cool the rotor, whereas Mazda uses an oil cooled rotor. The RotaMax engine is all aluminum whereas the earlier versions of Mazda engines used cast iron center and end housings. A distinct RotaMax advantage is its light weight… the 650cc weighs 110 pounds and the 1300 only 153 pounds.

This engine was originally designed by Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC) between 1974 and 1984. It is rumored that they spent hundreds of millions of dollars to develop this engine. Thermo Fan has improved the design, manufacturability, and reliability making it suitable for today’s engine market. OMC originally had a 530cc single rotor air cooled engine that was installed in 15,000 snowmobiles made by Johnson and Evinrude in the early 1970s. After success with this program they embarked on the design that is currently ready for production at Thermo Fan.

Thermo Fan will begin moderate production of the RotaMax engines at a rate of 100-200 engines per month for the 4th quarter of 2005. They plan to start adding production capabilities early in 2006. Eric Barger, President of Thermo Fan, explains, “The RotaMax engine family has the potential to change and improve products that are available to the consumer today. These products include virtually anything currently powered by a piston engine. With the high power to weight ratio and the excellent performance characteristics the RotaMax engine has unlimited potential.” Barger further explains that the engines can power Snowmobiles, Jet skis, Motorcycles, ATVs, Generators, Pumps, Hovercrafts, Go Karts, Race Cars, Hybrid Vehicles and many more applications. Thermo Fan is currently working to establish a list of early users for their engines.

Thermo Fan, Inc. is a privately held Ohio corporation. For more information on this exciting new engine you can contact Eric Barger at 419-694-3000 or email You can also visit the RotaMax Engine website at

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Gasoline 20 HP RotaMax engine nearing production
September 30, 2005 - 6:31pm
I just got the following email from Thermo Fan Inc (I'm on their mailling list)...

Thermo Fan Inc update

Featuring state-of-the-art technology Thermo Fan, offers sleeper heating and cooling using solid state heat pumps (SSHPs). Designed for simplicity and reliability, and featuring an outstanding warranty, our Rest Assure Sleep System (RASS-5) allows the driver to simply set the desired temperature and relax knowing that all systems will be “go” when he is ready to roll.

The RASS is powered from the truck’s battery bank and features a diesel powered, rail mounted auxiliary power unit (APU) that maintains the batteries at full charge. The current APU is powered by a single cylinder 10 HP Yanmar diesel engine. Fuel usage is approximately .4 gallons per hour at full load. We will also have a gasoline APU driven by a 20 HP RotaMax rotary engine available. This APU will incorporate a 20 gallon fuel tank located inside the APU housing. All of your on board systems; inverters, clearance lights, appliances, etc. may be run at full load and the extra heavy duty APU will cycle as needed to keep the batteries charged.

Using no Freon, compressor, or high pressure lines the SSHPs either heat or cool a glycol solution which is circulated thru a heat exchanger. The “no maintenance” system can be easily installed by your service center.

Thermo Fan, Inc. offers several options that will improve your system operation.

We highly recommend an enhanced insulation package featuring a radiation barrier to maximize your truck’s performance. This not only improves the results obtainable from our RASS (or any auxiliary heating and cooling unit) but will reduce the horsepower spent on cooling as you transport your load, thereby reducing your fuel costs.

We expect to begin providing units after the first of the year. We have incurred some delays in the manufacturing process as we strive to produce the finest product in the marketplace. Thank you for your continued patience.

For more information contact Tony Gossard at 419-694-1400 ext 250 or e-mail at
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no comments yet?!
August 17, 2005 - 10:03am
well i guess i get to be the first. i'm actually a bit surprised no one else has chimed in so far. i find myself devouring any information i can get that deals with rotary technology. i say more power to 'em! the more development the rotary gets, the better we'll all be for it. i hope their business prospers. wish i could order one of each too, just to play with. :)
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