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Rotary Power Rocks Finals
Submitted by SuperUser on Wednesday, October 3, 2001 - 12:00am

Last weekend, all of the different Rotary Powered vehicles rocked the house at the Mazda NHRA Import World Finals in Pomona. From a very original 1967
Cosmo towing around a RX-3 Race car, to R-100's, RX-2's, RX-3's, a RX-4, a
RX-5 (Cosmo), many 1st gen RX-7's, a few killer 2nd gens and of course, the
very fast 3rd gens out of the RX-7.COM stable also the full blown tube chassised 3rd gens running 7's. Some highlights of the show included Abel's 3rd gen whip Adam's NSX (7.67s vs. 8.20s). Siguel's 3rd gen 3-rotor monster made run a 7.58s @ 160. Dave Atkins with Atkins Rotary was in attendance, he won the ET1 bracket race at Pomona this weekend - He went 8 rounds and was very consistent with .51 reaction time. His plans are to break out his 9 second 1st gen, again.
Also a BIG HUGE congratulations to Southern California RX-7 Club member Robert Ferrel who ran in the bracket class at this event. This was Robert's first time at organized 1/4 mile track event and although he wasn't going as quick as he would of liked too, he was consistent. Oh, he was drag racing his 2nd gen convertible!

Mazda had a very fine display of vehicles at the event, including the
RX-EVOLV, and a pair of brand new full drag-race Proteges that will be out
next year.

Race Results for the Modified Final Round:
(W) Ray Lochhead (Mazda) 0.586 8.638 156.33
(L) Craig Paisley (Toyota) 0.874 9.057 135.89
Lochhead tattooed Paisley at the light and never trailed. It appears that
Craig lifted when he realized he wasn't going to make up the almost three
tenths difference at the starting line. Paisley will still enjoy the long trip
back to New York, he is the 2001 points champion in Modified.

Ray also turned a personal best 8.594 at 155.65 in the second round in his SR
Motorsports / Indigo sponsored car.

In Street Tire class...
(W) Ari Yallon ('93 Mazda RX7) 0.697 10.404 138.44
(L) Joel Tanzman ('82 Supra) 0.705 10.636 137.74
Ari Yallon ( sponsored) has clinched the 2001 points championship -
with a win he complete a very rare undefeated season. Both drivers have run
well today, but Joel will need to find about a tenth or two to have a chance.

Joel was consistent, but Ari dug down into his bag of tuning tricks. His run
is low ET of the event in Street tire, congrats to Air and his dominating

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