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B-K Motorsports - Team Updates
Submitted by Berny Herrera on Wednesday, August 3, 2005 - 1:14pm

Source: Mulsanne's Corner

07-30-2005: Word out of B-K Motorsports is that they have recently met with the ACO and IMSA about the possibility of running a larger diameter restrictor and increasing the car's fuel capacity in order to make up for the performance deficit they have been experiencing. The results of that meeting are that they were given the ok to use a 53.5 mm restrictor from the 49.1 mm they had been using. Speed Source was removed as the team's engine builder prior to Sears Point and from here on out Dennis Spencer's group will be taking over the responsibilities of race engine development as well as providing technical resources to the effort. After Portland the C65 will be brought to Team Spencer's shop near Atlanta for retrofitting, which will include a proper race engine with improved inlet efficiency, matched coolers (to cope with increased power from the large 53.5 mm restrictor), optimized headers, and many detail items just to make life easier. Dennis also informs us that the B-K Motorsports Courage C65 was built up using the rear end from a Courage C60 as there was a lack of proper C65 parts considering how quickly the project came together (car was built in 10 days!). As a result the team's C65 chassis #15 has been running near 100 lbs. over weight and will continue to do so as there really isn't an amiable solution at the moment.

Certainly this is a step in the right direction by the ACO and IMSA. Dennis indicates that running the 53.5 mm restrictor, "Is as close to unrestricted as you can get. I'm not sure why they still call it a restrictor if it doesn't restrict things!" He adds, "There is an expectation on the part of many that I will provide the resources to get this program on track." Here's to wishing them good luck and certainly stop by and say hello the next time you see them at the track.

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