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2005 Autobacs Super GT Round 3 Race Report from RE-Amemiya
Submitted by Dan Mazzella on Wednesday, July 20, 2005 - 9:35am

2005 Super GT the 3rd round was held at Sepang F1 Circuit in Malaysia, it was the RX-Amemiya's team 4th challenge in Malaysia. The No.7 car, RE-Amemiya Aspara drink RX7 won 3 straight races at this circuit in the previous 3 years. Last year drivers Sinichi Yamaji and Hiroyuki Iiri received the checkered flag. This the same combination was used this year.

With the 1st lap on the final day, the No.7 car that Yamaji drove and No.31 MR-S and No.27 Vemac rushed into the same line at the 1st corner and bumped into each other slightly. At the final corner with the 1st lap, No.2 Vemac hit our car. Yamaji radioed in "No.2 Vemac spun and hit my car," No. 7 stalled on the track pointing in the reverse direction, then it wouldn't start immediately. The No.7 lost order and moved to the tail of the pack once it was restarted. The rear end of the car was badly damaged, but Yamaji made every effort to move up. After the 2nd driver, Iiri, was brought in, the team finished in 8th place.

Yamaji stated: "the car was in very good condition at the qualify. But it wasn't perfect at the final. We had a tough race especially at the latter half, because the car was filled with heat. We will challenge the next round SUGO not only for a vindication of honor but for a triumph. There I have had a champion before, and I think it is my congenial circuit. "

After the 3rd Round, the RX-Amemiya's team received 4 points and putting them in 7th place in total points ranking in the GT300 class. Round 4, the next race, will be at SUGO Circuit in Miyagi Prefecture, July 23-24.

Place: Sepang Circuit (Malaysia)
Date: June 24th public practice, 25th qualify, 26th final
The number of the spectators: 43,579
Total race distance: 542km
Weather: sunny (final)
Road surface condition: dry
Road surface temperature: 51 degree Celsius

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