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Cannonball One Lap - Update 2
Submitted by Dan Mazzella on Tuesday, May 3, 2005 - 8:42pm

Things are going well for Team Nuke 'Em From High Orbit in the Cannonball One Lap of America. Dave and Chris have had good runs at BeaveRun, Lancaster Speedway, New Hampshire International Speedway, and Summit Point. The car is running well, but there is a slight scent of antifreeze once in a while in the mostly stock RX-7.

On Sunday, the team ran at BeaveRun. Dave described it as a real "power course," with laps times only about 1 second off the class pace set by the heavily prepared Dodge Daytona. The first and second sessions there, they placed 3rd in class, 46th overall, and 2nd in class and 54th overall. The second track of the day was Lancaster Speedway, where they ran 5th in class and 62nd overall.

Monday was spent at New Hampshire International Speedway. They placed 3rd in class and 2nd in class at the 7th and 8th events of One Lap, placed 35th overall in the two events. On the public roads, the law caught wind of the One-Lap. One of New York State's Finest pinged the RX-7 with a laser speed gun. Chris pulled over and was ticketed, but not for the 84 in a 65, but for "failure to yield to a traffic control device" which carries no points... Then again in New Hampshire, a group of One Lappers was pulled over. The officers took each of the drivers paperwork, then proceeded to read the whole Riot Act and lectured each driver on 300 lb New Hampshire deer. Off the hook Again!

Tuesday was the best day for racing yet for the team at Summit Point. They placed 1st and 3rd in class at the road course, and 2nd and 4th on the drag strip in class. As of Tuesday Evening, Team Nuke 'Em From High Orbit was 1st in class with 3315 points and 35th overall.

For more information visit: Dave and Chris's webpage and the One Lap of America website.

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