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NHRA Sport Compact Englishtown - Wrapup
Submitted by Dan Mazzella on Monday, May 2, 2005 - 10:14am

How embarrassing is it for Honda Guys when the fastest car, time after time, in their own class, is a 1985 Mazda RX-7. In the Honda Tuning Magazine All Motor Class at the NHRA Sony Xplod Sport Compact Drag Racing Series at Englishtown Raceway, Jesus Padilla ran a 9.901 second quarter mile at 132.99 mph in the final round and won against Jeremy Lookofsky running a 2000 Civic. Padilla ran sub-9 second all day, qualifying first with a 9.945/132.22 against Angel Valentin, fellow Rotary brother. Padilla's best run was a 9.891s @ 132.84 mph.

The other big rotary winner of the weekend was Air Yallon in the Sport RWD Class. Yallon qualified 1st in class with a 10.019 s 139.18 mph quarter mile. He was almost taken out in the second round against Sean Ivey in a Mitsubishi, but the nerves took over, and Ivey red lighted. Ari's best run of the day was in the final against Julie Stepan in a 2004 WRX, a 9.397s @147.62mph vs 9.565s @140.88 mph. The WRX was ahead of the race until 1000 foot, when the RX-7's superior horsepower edged him ahead at the finish line.

The next race in the series will be May 14-15 at Atco Raceway, Atco, N.J.

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