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2005 Cannonball One Lap of America Underway
Submitted by Dan Mazzella on Friday, April 29, 2005 - 2:44pm

For the first time in 3 years a RX-7 is in the running at the Cannonball One Lap of America. The last RX-7 to enter was the 2002 team of Dale Black and George Stasiowski, who did very well, placing 6th over all with the #31 RX-7. This year Dave Henning and Chris Regan have entered a mostly stock CMY 1993 RX-7 R1. We will follow their races in the One Lap (which this year, is confined to tracks to the East of the Mississippi)

Chris Regan has been an instructor at BSR, a Driver Training School, for 3 years. He is also involved with the Mazda Drivers group back in the Washington DC area for two years. He is very knowledgeable in both driving technique, as well as technical knowledge of the the RX-7 and the rotary engine. Dave Henning has been involved in performance driving since his days as a grad student at Texas A&M University. When he moved to the capitol area, he became friends with Chris, and soon the plans hatched to enter Dave's RX-7 into One Lap.

As stated before, the car is a mostly stock 1993 RX-7, R1 model, painted in Competition Yellow Mica. The engine is a stock rebuild, with the only modifications being a cat-back exhaust and the turbo's running at 12lbs of boost. The suspension was recently freshened with stock-rubber bushings, and Koni 5-way adjustable shocks. It will be interesting to see how this car does against other cars in the SSGT2/SB class, including S2000's, Supra's, and Lotus Elise's. (Although it now appears that the head S2000 in the race has dropped out)

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