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RX-EVOLV Is here
Submitted by SuperUser on Thursday, October 14, 1999 - 12:00am

It is very official. See at the bottom a press release in Japanese. The english one is soon to come. The pages are written in Japanese, but here are the images:

  • Rear angle 1
  • Rear angle 2
  • Front
  • Front with Lights
  • Front/Side 1
  • Front/Side 2
  • Side Interior
  • Full Side
  • Inside 1
  • Rear
  • Engine
  • Instrument
  • Center Console
Mazda Motor Corporation will exhibit concept cars including the RX-EVOLV equipped with a new rotary engine and present new technologies based on the message "New Ideas that Stir Your Emotions" at the 33rd Tokyo Motor Show (*). It will be held at Chiba's Makuhari Messe Convention Center from October 23 (Saturday) to November 3 (Wednesday). As the leading concept car, the RX-EVOLV expresses the completely new four-seater sports car world that embodies Mazda's brand personality: "stylish", "insightful", and "spirited". The use of the newly developed, compact RENESIS(**) rotary engine allows a spacious interior roomy enough for four adults to enjoy sports driving without any compromise in the same body size as the RX-7. Mazda will show several other concept cars as well, including the NEOSPACE, developed as a functional compact car, and the NEXTOURER, a new-generation touring sedan. In addition, technological exhibits on environmental and safety topics will be presented. These include the DEMIO FCEV fuel cell electric vehicle, the Mazda DIREC-G direct fuel injection gasoline engine, the Mazda DIREC-D direct fuel injection diesel engine, the Mazda Toroidal CVT next-generation transmission, the Safety Active Seat, and the Smart Airbag. (*)This is the first "Passenger Car and Motorcycle Show" after moving the "Commercial Vehicle" section to a separate show. Mazda will hold a press briefing at the Mazda booth in the East Hall on Wednesday, October 20, from 10:00 to 10:25. (**)The "RENESIS" name encapsulates the feeling of "new" taken from the expressions "Re" or "new", and "Genesis." Outline of Main Exhibits
  1. Concept Cars RX-EVOLV Mazda has consistently built sports cars that are "fun to drive." To continue this tradition, the RX-EVOLV incorporates the five elements of appropriate body size, a consistent application of thorough weight reduction, a balanced 50-50 front-rear weight distribution, a FR layout, and a low inertial yaw, which together form what the company calls "Mazda Spirited DNA". The newly developed RENESIS rotary engine makes it possible to satisfy all of these elements. The RENESIS demonstrates a maximum power output of 280 PS/9,000rpm and maximum torque of 23.0 kg-m/8,000 rpm, even with the use of a natural-intake engine. The RENESIS also meets the needs of a new-millennium engine by meeting Japanese Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) standards, enhancing fuel economy at all operational speeds, from idling to high-speed driving. The RX-EVOLV is brimming with a most of new features including technology to change the engine performance in relation to the driver's skill. RX-EVOLV RX-EVOLV  RENESIS Major Specifications Engine TypeWater-cooled serial 2-rotor Total displacement cc654 x 2 Maximum output (expert/non-expert) PS/rpm280/9,000   240/8,000 (target) Maximum torque(expert/non-expert) kg-m/rpm23.0/8,000   21.0/7,000(target) TransmissionSix-speed auto-manual shift RENESIS RENESIS 

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