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greddy turbo kit
Submitted by mercbenzwood on Wednesday, March 23, 2005 - 6:31pm

does anyone have any feedback on
the greddy turbo kit? The only info I have seen is from "Turbo"
magasine and they dont go into any
detail. They do however print an
embarasing wheel horsepower number
from before the install -168hp- ouch. Any info would be appreciated.

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greddy turbo kit
March 31, 2005 - 3:22am

I was interested in turbo kits too, and the greddy is the only one I've ever seen on the web.

I've done them some question, but onestly the answer was not so ...exciting!

I'm more interested in increasing low-mid range torque of the engine (and not so much to "embarasing" power!), without loosing its fantastic fast response.'s only to have more fun with a simplier upsteer ;-)

so in my opinion would be better a low-inertia little turbocharger (also because the overpressure can't be so much due to the impossibility of changing the compression ratio!)

here is attached the mail i've got


I own a Mazda RX8, and I'm looking for better engine performances.
I'm especially looking for a higher low-medium range (2000 to 5000
rpm) torque, and the only way to do it is, I think, supercharging this
special engine.

I'm considering to buy your kit (the only one I could find on the
market), but obviously I have some doubt, I hope you can solve it:

-Is it possible to have a torque-power vs RPM comparison diagram,
measured at engine dynamometer(or similar)? I would prefer the "safe

-what can the increased exhaust port pressure affect on the engine
cycle? can it increase the mixture lack between the chambers of the
renesis when the gasket passes the first spark plug? there is some
other problem like this?

-what about the response of the engine? will the delay be consistent?
I would not loose the quick response of the original engine!

-is it necessary to increase the oil flow rate to the engine-gaskets?
is it already provided something in the kit?

thank you, Mario.


Hey Mario,

1) No, greddy did not release a DYNO sheet, sorry.

2) I am not sure whatr you mean... This kit is made to be safe on the stock
engine up to 6 PSI

3) You should get better response throughout the ROM range :)

4) No, the stock oil pressure is sufficient for a turbo motor.

Let me know if you have any further questions or would like to order...

If you are asking further questions. Please reply with a copy of the
original message.

Regards and Keep Tuning,

Jesse Pellegatto - Boost Your Horsepower
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