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2005 Los Angeles Auto-Show: Preview
Submitted by Berny Herrera on Thursday, January 6, 2005 - 6:29pm

Well, it’s that silly time of the year again. The time when people shake off the holiday season, and finally get back to real life. And real life includes cars, especially here in Sunny Southern California. This is the time when all car enthusiasts get out of the house to see what the car manufacturers have conjured up for them in the New Year. It’s the time of year for those of us seeking, or a least pretending to, a new car to put in the garage; whether we can afford it or not. Or maybe we just feel a need to catch the latest prototype from our favorite manufacture. This must mean it’s Auto Show season again!!!

RotaryNews.Com was on hand to cover and preview the Greater LA Auto Show this year, and we wanted to see what our favorite manufacturer, Mazda, had in store for us in ‘05. Unfortunately, as far as Rotary news and updates go, there wasn’t much to speak about or see. The new Shinka Limited Edition RX-8 was on the floor and it looked swell, but there really wasn't too much more to get excited about. Sure there were a few cool dressed RX-8’s, like the Troy Lee designed piece, and the Official RX-8 pace car, but that’s was it. There were a few tidbits of news floating around though.

One of the things we overheard is that Mazda is still playing around with forced induction on the RX-8, and there might a possibility of something being announced or launched late in 2005, or early 2006. We can only hope that this means that development of the MazdaSpeed RX-8 continues. But who really knows, right?

Of other interest to Mazda enthusiast, were a few cool Mazda piston cars, like the new MazdaSpeed-6, and a few dressed Mazda-3s. But this side of things we’ll leave for MazdaNews.Com. So click over to MazdaNews, if you like to check out a few more Mazda pics from the show.

Enjoy the few Rotary pics from this year's show... here hoping 2006 bring us a little more!

rx8_pace_car_01 rx8_pace_car_02 rx8_pace_car_03 rx8_pace_car_04 rx8_shinka_01 rx8_shinka_02 rx8_shinka_03 rx8_shinka_04 troy_lee_rx8_01 troy_lee_rx8_01a troy_lee_rx8_02 troy_lee_rx8_03 troy_lee_rx8_04 troy_lee_rx8_05 troy_lee_rx8_06 troy_lee_rx8_09 troy_lee_rx8_10 troy_lee_rx8_11 troy_lee_rx8_12 troy_lee_rx8_13

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