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Tokyo 2005: RENESIS Hydrogen Rotary Engine
Submitted by Dan Mazzella on Thursday, October 14, 2004 - 4:10pm

The 38th Tokyo Motor Show is all about commercial vehicles, so no new car concepts will be shown, however, Mazda is highlighting their environmental technology, including their Electro-Assist Turbo Hydrogen-Gas RENESIS Hybrid. Mazda announced it will lease an environmentally friendly hydrogen-powered vehicle over the next two years in Japan. Mazda plans to lease vehicles installed with rotary engines powered by hydrogen and gasoline.

Quoting Mazda's Press Release: "The RENESIS hydrogen rotary engine is just one facet of Mazda’s efforts to realize vehicles that deliver Zoom-Zoom enjoyment in an environmentally responsible way. Capable of running both on hydrogen and on gasoline, it’s ideally suited to a future in which hydrogen availability for automobiles is steadily expanded.

"RENESIS hydrogen rotary engine is one of Mazda's proposals for alternative-energy automotive technologies aimed at future hydrogen-based mobility.

"In developing the RENESIS hydrogen rotary engine, Mazda took advantage of its unique rotary-engine expertise to create a powerplant that runs cleanly while also delivering enjoyable performance. A dual-fuel system that incorporates a gasoline tank together with a high-pressure hydrogen tank is combined with the RENESIS hydrogen rotary engine, enabling it to run on gasoline when necessary (a convenient capability as an extensive hydrogen-supply infrastructure has yet to be constructed).

"Mazda continues its research and development toward the practical use of RENESIS hydrogen rotary engine. At the Tokyo Motor Show, hydrogen direct-injection system housing in a disassembled state as well as actual development scene are shown on the video.

"For the future, Mazda proposes to complement the RENESIS hydrogen rotary engine with various technologies. These include the Mazda Hybrid System, which stops the engine when the vehicle is stationary, uses an electric motor to boost torque when the engine is running at low speeds, and recovers braking energy and uses it to charge the battery. They also include an electric-motor-assisted turbocharger, which maximizes the effectiveness of forced induction at low engine speeds and thus enables lean combustion throughout the rev range.

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Renisis gas/Hydrogen rotary hybrid
No Rotor
October 16, 2004 - 9:21pm
Way to go:

Once again Mazda leads-the others follow. And I am stoked to hear that it is designed to be zoom zoom performance as well.


David Drake
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Rotary Hybrids
No Rotor
October 15, 2004 - 7:23am
Finally! What took Mazda so long to consider an electric/rotor combo.
The rotary engine and the electric motor compliment each other.
It's possible to come out with a single rotor/electric motor econo-performance
package; as well as a two rotor/electric motor high performance package.
Because of the shortness of the rotary engine, putting these systems in
sports vehicles should be a priority.
If you improve performance, fuel economy and keep the package aggressive
looking, you'll change the way people think of hybrids.
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October 14, 2004 - 4:32pm
I made up a new term for Mazda's Marketing Department: EARTH-GH Technology

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