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4th Win of Season and 4th Podium in 4 Races for SpeedSource
Submitted by Dan Mazzella on Tuesday, October 12, 2004 - 12:04pm

SpeedSource Race Engineering took their fourth spot on the podium in four races this past Saturday. In an incredible all around weekend in the SpeedSource Mazda RX-8's, drivers David Haskell and Sylvain Tremblay took first place at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama.

Haskell managed to capture the pole as well as set up the team's momentum for the weekend. Through the course of the Barber 250 the No. 70 Mazda drivers maintained a relentless presence on the track. Lead changes in the Sport Touring class created an exciting race for fans and made the final laps intense for all teams. The No. 70 car, although moving out of the top spot several times was able to remain in the top three spots for the majority of the race.

During some the final laps of the Barber race driver Sylvain Tremblay went head to head with the No. 27 Acura. The Acura held the lead for several laps but finally with less than two laps to go Tremblay regained the lead to take the checkered flag after an exhausting stint. Tremblay spoke of his one on one with the No. 27 Acura.

"In traffic you are battling hard for every corner. The Acura was going strong on the restarts, but one of our strong suits is performance on long runs. He did a great job on the restart and we were fortunate to have enough time to catch him and have the opportunity to plan a pass. At turn one under braking, we cleared him with no contact, so it was some good clean racing and we got our fourth win of the year," stated Tremblay.

The crew and car are once again credited with the SpeedSource Race Engineering win. The team has had amazing developments with the RX-8's. Their ability to fully utilize the strengths of the rotary engine vehicles and properly use pit stops has been extremely evident the latter part of the season. After winning their first race of 2004 at Phoenix the SpeedSource team has taken three additional wins in the RX-8's. Their count of top-five finishes reached nine after this weekend.

"It was a pretty outstanding weekend. David put the car on the pole in an amazing lap. We had a great pit stop. We avoided getting tricked into stopping at the first yellow and we pitted on the second which really made a difference for us. Earlier in the season we had a little bit of bad luck. We are proud of where we are with these cars, and have great momentum going into the finale at Fontana" Tremblay added.

In addition to their podium finish drivers Scott Schlesinger and David Tuaty took a top-five finish in the No. 68 SpeedSource Mazda. Their fourth place finish was their best so far for the year. Schlesinger and Tuaty finished a mere six seconds away from a spot on the podium.

Marcello Abello and Nick Fanelli took eighth in the Sport Touring class. This gave SpeedSource a third top-ten finish at the Barber race, and their 25th top-ten finish for the year.

This race places SpeedSource only eight points behind the Sport Touring class leader. For a team that was not looking to win a championship this season, they are extremely close at the end.

The SpeedSource team competes in the Grand Am Cup series with support from MAZDASPEED Motorsports, Sparco USA, Hawk Brakes, Dynamic Suspension, and Racing Hart Wheels.

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TV coverage
No Rotor
October 12, 2004 - 10:08pm
Hi ya all.

is this series available on TV or DVD etc. Where can I watch it. Mazda rotary racers kicking ass is a favourite past time.

Need to see them in action before they get banned (as usual) like all rotary Mazda's before them
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they are listed under "grand
No Rotor
October 17, 2004 - 1:12pm
they are listed under "grand am" racing. Usualy shown on sundays @noon est.
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No Rotor
October 14, 2004 - 3:42pm
Some of these races are shown on SPEEDVISION on cable and satellite.

Check your local listings!

-Berny H
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