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Does the RX8 and E85 mix??
Submitted by No Rotor on Tuesday, August 17, 2004 - 8:42am

Can the RX 8 run on ethanol? The octane rating on E85 is 105. I know it has been asked before, however I could not find where anyone responded to the question. Thanks, Thad

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does the RX8 and E85 mix??
No Rotor
August 20, 2004 - 9:58pm

In a word, no. E85 is 85 octane and corrosive fuel at that. Manufacturers have a few cars mostly for fleet use designed with special fuel systems and engine de-tuning for the use of E85.

Tim J.
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E 85 is 85% Ethanol (hence E8
No Rotor
August 22, 2004 - 1:49pm
E 85 is 85% Ethanol (hence E85) not 85 octane, actually the alachol has a very high tolerance to knock somewhere around 100 octane.. the cars designed for E85 usually make more power on the fuel. however more alachol is required to reach the proper air fuel ratio... so fuel mileage suffers slightly... your biggest issue will be with lubricating the apex seals since alchy does not carry lubrication as well as traditional gasolines or the up to 10% that the RX can run on now. in conclusion unless your running stand alone management and can richen up your AFR I wouldn't attempt it. and unlike a piston engine the rotary relies on the fuel and oil to help lubrication.. alachol tends to wash oil away..

E85 should be a great fuel for piston engine turbo cars since the vaporization of alachol creats a super cooling effect of the intake charge too.

can it be done SURE, worth it... your call.
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