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SpeedSource Grand Am Cup Drivers: Ready to Race
Submitted by Dan Mazzella on Saturday, August 7, 2004 - 5:37pm

The SpeedSource Grand Am Cup team has compiled a roster of drivers who all speak nostalgically of their past racing endeavors. As different as their backgrounds may be they all share the same love of racing and praise the quality of their current team. They all came to New Lexington, Ohio with sincere appreciation for sports car racing and an anticipation of a win at the Mid Ohio Sports Car Course.

SpeedSource owner Sylvain Tremblay has been very pleased with the progress his team has made during the season. The team has been concentrating on two efforts, Mazda RX 8's and Daytona Prototype. Tremblay is partnered with David Haskell in the Mazda effort. All in all he cannot speak enough of his crew.

"It's a big task but everyone has been great. It's a lot to prepare these two efforts and the crew has worked really hard," stated Tremblay.

The strength and cohesiveness of the team is an added bonus to excitement of Grand Am Cup competition. The hard work that Tremblay puts in to this team as well as the effort of his crew is reflected in the words of his drivers.

Kim Wolfkill is as passionate about the SpeedSource team as he is about sports car racing. The driver of the No. 65 car has experience driving both Lexus and Porsche efforts in competition. He seeks the challenges of the RX 8's and is willing to emphasize the cars' undisputed strengths.

Wolfkill commented, "I had to unlearn a lot. Yesterday was my first time (in the car). It's a great experience with SpeedSource and the car prep is first rate. The Mazda RX 8's are definitely more fun and more drivable."

Wolfkill's partner Ray Huffmaster is just as excited with the Speed Source team. Huffmaster commented, "Slyvain is outstanding. They are top notch and the cars are perfect. There is so much attention to detail."

Huffmaster hails from Rochester, Michigan and makes the trip to Mid Ohio frequently. He and his son have both competed on this track. In fact Huffmaster hopes to finish as well as his son did recently at the course. Huffmaster beamed with pride as he announced that his son brought home two trophies in his last Mid Ohio race.

In Huffmaster's first Grand Am Cup race, his enthusiasm is unparalleled. "I like to drive everything," he adds.

Longtime friends Rich Walker and Nick Fanelli compete as co-drivers of the No. 67 car. Walker, who resides in West Palm Beach, Florida, was hoping to build a car himself. He found SpeedSource an excellent solution in a desire for competition beyond SCCA where he previously competed.

Walker had originally intended to compete in five races this season. After the first few races he enjoyed himself so much that he decided to continue with the team through October. He sees himself in the Grand American Super Grand Sport class sometime in the near future.

Fanelli, who has been a friend of Walker's since high school, wants to utilize his experience in Grand Am Cup to extend his racing career. A US Formula competitor and Panoz Racing School instructor he wishes to shift more exclusively into endurance racing. He is lengthening his life span as a competitor as he progresses through his first full Grand Am Cup season. Fanelli has set high, yet realistic goals for himself and teammate. Fanelli commented, "We're not going for the championship but we will be competitive."

Another member of the SpeedSource Race Engineering team remembers watching his father race in South America at the age of five. With his father as his influence, David Tuaty jumped into racing on his own during his teen years.

"I won the first auto cross event I entered. That, was not good," Tuaty chuckled, insinuating that this win fueled his desire to race.

He has been a member of the SpeedSource team since their 2000 Porsche Boxster effort. It was in that Boxster that he led his first race, coincidently at Mid Ohio. Now he speaks fervently about the RX 8's. Tuaty continued, "I was getting faster and faster each lap (during practice). These are the best handling and best stopping cars I have ever driven. I want to win!"

No one can dispute the building excitement of the Speed Source Race Engineering team. Their loyalty and teamwork should form a nice finish for the Grand Am Cup season. Learn more about the team, the drivers, and the Mazda RX 8's at

The SpeedSource Race Engineering effort is proud to include MAZDASPEED Motorsports, Sparco USA, Hawk Brakes, Dynamic Suspension, and Racing Hart Wheels partner with SpeedSource Race Engineering to achieve the best quality in sports cars for their team as well as clients.

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