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Submitted by Dan Mazzella on Thursday, July 29, 2004 - 4:31pm

August 28, 2004 - 8:00am
First Annual All Mazda Track Day

This event is dedicated to all Mazda vehicle enthusiasts who want to have the best possible track experience available. We know that fun with your Mazda is what it's all about! Zoom.. Zoom.. Zoom..

All Mazda Track Event Overview

The All Mazda Track Day Event is being brought to you by the great people at CorkSport, Miata Performance Club of America and the RotaryNews Media Group. The event is focused on providing all Mazda enthusiast with a affordable and safe, High Performance Driving Event at Mazda Raceway @ Laguna-Seca. We know from experience, that driving your vehicle safely at this World Class Racing Track is not as far from reality as you may think! Forget Play-Station, come out and drive the real thing!

The All Mazda Track Day is open to all Mazda production vehicle types. We are really want to see multiple type Mazdas 'mixing it up' together on the track - safely! Unlike many other events, we will review participant applications before individuals are granted the right to join the event. Therefore, an applicant might not be 'qualified' to be on the track with you and your group just because they've submitted a fee, will be put in the appropriate group. This review process ensures that when you participate at this event, you'll have the comfort of knowing that the person in the Mazda vehicle ahead or behind you, understands and respects your safety as well as the safety of your vehicle. This alignment of values is the common thread we hope to maintain with all of our participants.

What should compel you to participate at this event? Could it be the need to:

* Drive Fast with fellow Mazda enthusiast (legally!)
* Have Fun and Zoom.. Zoom... (mandatory!)
* Develop Driving Skills (always room for improvement)
* Share the Experience with other Mazda enthusiast
* Get maximum Seat/Track Time (BIG 'bang for the buck')
* Do all of the above in a Safe and Controlled Atmosphere.

What attributes and behaviors do you least desire at an event?

* Excessive Traffic on the Track
* ‘Out of Control' Fast-&-Furious Drivers
* Unsafe Passing
* High Event Price
* Reduced Seat/Track time
* Waiting 90+ minutes to get back on the track between sessions

If any of these points match your goals, objectives, and concerns for a track event, you're going to like this track adventure! Submit your registration now and come join us for some fun on August 28, 2004!

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