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Midwest Rotary Rally
Submitted by Dan Mazzella on Monday, July 12, 2004 - 4:00pm

August 21, 2004 - 1:00am
The Midwest Rotary Rally (MRR) is the premier Midwestern event for rotary-powered auto enthusiasts. We are a rotary-community-based event run by an alliance of Midwestern clubs, by the people for the people.

This year, our fourth, will include the usual sense of community, Technical Sessions (some of which are hands-on and you can do them on your car), concours showing, track touring for those interested, awarding of prizes and raffle drawings, and a whole lot of race spectating.

Please visit our web site for additional info, for the registration form, and new news:

This is a rare opportunity to get together with your fellow rotary enthusiasts to enjoy the commaraderie and the obsession that we all have with Dr. Wankel's wonderful creation. In addition to REPUs, we have a lot of RX-8s and a fairly even mix of all gens of RX-7s turn out for the event.

MRR 2004 is being held in conjunction with the Star Mazda Series, which features 13B rotary-powered cars, American LeMans Series, which featured Downing's 4-rotor LeMans car last year, and Speed World Challenge, featuring Mazda Proteges, all at America's finest road racing course, Road America.

Technical sessions include: Automotive Photography, Rotary Cooling, Compression Testing, Corner Weighing, RX-8 Tuning by Pettit Racing (to be confirmed), and hopefully a visit to the Tri-Point pits. Last year we also visited the Downing Atlanta pits, where we got up close and personal with their 4-rotor American LeMans Series prototype (no word yet, but we hope they will race again this year).

Sponsorship includes:, Pineapple Racing, Rotary Performance (, the Gear Selector, Holiday Automotive, Eastwood Co., Griots Garage, and Meguiars.

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