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Rotary Revolution Wrap-Up
Submitted by Dan Mazzella on Wednesday, May 5, 2004 - 3:13pm

[img1444.jpg] Even the cold, wet weather couldn't dampen the enthusiasm at last weekends Rotary Revolution in Indianapolis, In. There was nearly 300 cars at the event, which saw auto-crossing in the rain, and road racing on Sunday with better weather. Vendors came as far away as Southern California, and owners were drawn to the event from all of Middle America, the East Coast, Texas and Canada. The rain and cold made things miserable, but the attendees didn't care. For some it was the first time they had seen that many rotary cars in one place, at once. For others, it was the fist time they had been able to get their cars on the track, and for others the event did what it was designed to do: get the RX's on the track for the first time this year. Some highlights from the event:

  • A good showing of the new RX-8's... existing rotary owners welcomed them warmly into the fold.
  • More than four 3rotor RX-7's made their presence known, and heard.
  • 76 people participated in autocross
  • There were 314 runs on the autocross track
  • The Sunflower Mazda Supercharged RX-8 made a public showing.
  • There was even an old-school RX-4 representing
Some people were disappointed by the weather on Friday and Saturday. The organizers tried to make the best of the situation. During breaks in the showers, they even attempted to dry the track off, three times at $400 a pop, that became expensive real quick, and no drag racing took place at the track. Many people didn't care. They though it was cool enough just caravaning around Indy with a mass of RX-7's and RX-8's, boosting and 0wning the streets, and flogging their cars around the auto-cross in the rain. Sunday, however, track goers saw the clouds break, and the sun come out. Even though it was still cool, the track dried off, and the road racing was an entertaining experience for both drivers and spectators. It was the first time many could see, on the track, how good the RX-8 handles against the FD RX-7's... although on the straights, the RX-7's just had more power. In the curves, however, watch out! It will be very interesting to see, next year, the how the RX-8's do, with power-adders like the Super-charger, or aftermarket turbos. We have a few images for you. Here are the choice pics. You can also check out Our Proof Sheet [img1444.jpg] [img1446.jpg] [img1467.jpg] [img1468.jpg] [img1470.jpg] [img1471.jpg] [img1474.jpg] [img1479.jpg] [img1484.jpg] [img1512.jpg] [img1537.jpg] [img1542.jpg] [img1562.jpg] [img1581.jpg] [img1584.jpg] [img1596.jpg]

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Nice writeup!
No Rotor
May 5, 2004 - 6:13pm
I'd like to broadcast a huge thank you to Mike and Aron (the brave and patient organizers) for an outstanding weekend. Despite the weather I had a great time and hope that it will happen again next year. Everybody at the event was friendly and worth talking to, although I didn't have nearly enough time to talk with everybody.

Nice write-up, I especially like the photo of me autoXing the blue rx8! Thanks for taking the photo, I've been looking for some pics of that. :)
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