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SevenStock 7
Submitted by Dan Mazzella on Tuesday, July 20, 2004 - 11:00am

September 11, 2004 - 10:00am
The King is BACK for its LAST YEAR. SevenStock 7. We will have the 787B, Special Guests, and Historic Rotary Race Cars. This is it! DO NOT miss the event!!

This is possibly the the LAST SevenStock Event. This event will show by far the largest diversified amount of rotary power ever! From R100's to RX-8's, and the largest showing of rotary powered race cars, this is a DO NOT MISS event! This will also be the last stop for the 1991 LeMans Winning, 4-Rotor 787B scheduled tour in the US!
Start making plans, now!

The Southern California RX Club and RotaryNews.Com are very happy to announce that, they have teamed up with Mazda R&D to help raise awareness and donations for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International Charity, through this year’s SevenStock event. Mazda has signed on to be a corporate Gold Sponsor for the Walk To Cure Diabetes this year and with the strong relationship Mazda R&D enjoys with the So-Cal RX Club and RotaryNews; we felt that SevenStock would be the perfect venue to lend a hand and create some exposure to this worthy cause. A percentage of the proceeds generated at the SevenStock Raffle, will be donated to the charity through the Mazda R&D Center. Please help us support this very important cause by sending a donation directly to the JDRFI @ their website or look for one of the JDRF donation boxes @ SevenStock this year.

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