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2004 Rotary Magazines!
Submitted by SuperUser on Wednesday, January 7, 2004 - 3:06pm

As exciting as 2003 was in the Rotary world, 2004 promises to be even better for Rotary enthusiast in the USA. For those of us of the Rotary persuasion, who have suffered years of neglect and second class status, with no dedicated Rotary publications or magazines; '04 promises to alleviate us all from our suffering. At least one fully dedicated Rotary magazine and several others with regular Rotary content will be making their debut this year.

First up and what seems to be the most hardcore of these publications is RX-TUNER; brought to us by the same folks who run the RX-7 and RX-8 forums. This publication is slated as the only one among the crop of new publications to cater exclusively to the Rotary market. The magazine also promises to be heavily influenced by the general Rotary enthusiast at large. As to the why, Ryan Scott RX-TUNER Vice President and Forums owner, answered: "It's because of the resurgence of the rotary, and that a magazine was a natural evolution of the forums. Just another way to build community, and to give everyone something they've wanted for a long time. A rotary only magazine with an emphasis on the tuning." We can't wait.

Another publication of great interest to the Rotary enthusiast is called MAZDASPORT. This new magazine is coming to us from the folks who publish the Miata Magazine and several other top notch enthusiast publications. Barb Beach, Publisher of this new magazine states, "This title will be rotary cars and also other cars that are in the fast fun and cool category (Mazda only) of course." Their strong ties and insider access to the people at Mazda should make them very attractive to all Mazda lovers and Rotary folks in particular. The publishing company is even licensed with the Mazda Corporation. The publishers and editor of this magazine have not only been long time Rotary enthusiast, but owners also. Their existing line-up of titles and a proven track record in the magazine business, should give us all something to be excited about.

The last but not least of the publications featuring Rotary content this year, is an excellent driving enthusiast magazine out of the Pacific Northwest, DRIVING SPORTS. Blake Qualley owner and creator of ROTARY ENGINE ILLUSTRATED, has been tapped by the editors of this magazine to be regular contributor and feature Rotary content editor. Driving Sports is a bimonthly automotive enthusiast's magazine, which is available on major newsstands across the US and Canada. While not exactly rotary-exclusive, the publication includes a significant amount of rotary content. The January 2004 issue (available now) has a rotary theme and features an RX-8 on the cover. Additionally, the magazine will embark on a rotary-powered project vehicle -- a Porsche 914 sporting a RENESIS rotary engine swap -- and is in line for a long-term test RX-8 from Mazda. Rotary enthusiasm is strong at Driving Sports magazine, so you may look forward to a great deal more from this publication in the foreseeable future.

As Rotary lovers and enthusiast, '04 is really looking up. All of the renewed interest in Rotary Power can only be a good thing for us all. We should support all of these publications that will finally be catering to Rotorheads. Imagine that, from zero to three magazines, just like that! Let's support the folks who support us this year and beyond! Long live the Rotary!

Subscription and Newsstand information:

Will be available at selected newsstands, and on a subscription basis.

Available on a subscription only basis, for now.

January 2004 issue available at selected newsstands (Barnes & Noble and Borders) now and by subscription.

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