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SevenStock6, a great success!
Submitted by SuperUser on Sunday, September 28, 2003 - 11:53pm

Large events always cause road closures

Koby-san, and Maeda-san, and Kaneko-san greeting Racingbeat co-owner Oku-san

The cars line up early! There is a good 1/2 mile of Rotary Power lined up to get in. 9:30am the gates open, and some of these guys arrived at 7am!

The pre-event mingle... this was a car-show in and onto itself

From Old School...

... To New School....

... To just off the dealer's lots! SevenStock has you covered... If it is rotary powered. it belongs here!

The event atendees parking in the main lot are greeted with 1st (not shown), 2nd 3rd, gen RX-7's , plus this year, for the first time, the RX-8!

Folks that can stay the whole day pull into the main lot. Pay close attention to the side the driver's sitting in this clean 1st gen.

Nothing is quite as pretty as a Titanium grey FD3s.

There were many clean Old schools

And a row of REPU's!

This little guy gets attention everywhere it goes! This car crashed the 1st meet of RX-8s in SoCal a few months ago, just sharing the rotary love.

Ever seen a VW kit car... with a Rotary? Custom frame, engine, intake, exhaust, just about everything. Very sweet!

RX-8's in the Vendor Area. This is SR Motorsports Project RX-8.

Another RX-8 with a nearly full Mazdaspeed J-Spec body kit.

Yaw Power's Custom rims for the RX-8

Los Angeles Sheriff Department feels the Rotary Love too! This car is run in many races around the SoCal Area, the racers and the kids love it... as an added bonus, on the track, drivers tend to pull to the right when he comes up!

The Project REPU truck. Look for the Second part of the series soon!

Remember that prototype car a last years SevenStock with 2 13b's mated to one tranny? This year the project is much further along. We were told the car is drivable now, and just needs tuning and final touches.. Great Work!

All the way from the land down under! Xtreme Rotaries / Guru Racing show off many parts that enthusiasts in the US have only heard about. Like this flywheel... where's the weight?!

... and this Dog Box. Try blowing this tranny up!

The girls at the booth. You might have seen some of the rare rotary shirts at the event.. head over to their site ( and check out their apparel.

Old School theme continues with Juan and Vintage Rotary Decals. Juan has a great artistic eye, and with just a photograph, can reproduce to 99.99% any decal, sticker, or plate you can think of. We use his stickers on the Project REPU, and can't thank him enough for getting the design just right. visit him at

MazdaRacing donated a bunch of go fast goodies for the raffle, thanks a bunch!

To kick off the event, Berny Herrera (left) introduced the new president of Mazda North America, James O'Sullivan (right). He doesn't look enthusiastic in this shot, but he put on a smile and really welcomed everyone with excitement to the event.

Returning for the 3rd year! Koby-san is as big of a SevenStock fan as we are of him. This year he invited one of the 47 Rotary Samari Engineer, Yojo Toyama. Toyama-san became the president of Mazda Motors America from 1995-1997, and now is president of the company who designs supplies instrument clusters to Mazda cars, including the RX-8.

We were also treated to the Cheif RX-8 Designer, Ikuo Maeda. Maeda-san's baby is the RX-8, and he heard nothing but glowing reviews from the owners in attendance. He commented to me that the RX-8 returns Mazda to the old-school style rotaries Mazda had in the 70's... Rotary sports, with the latest technology. I think we agree!

Once the special guests were finished, the courtyard was opened...

...Featuring the 3rotor RX-8 from Acosta Racing in New Jersey...

... A very clean REPU ...

.. and for the first time, officially, Able's DRAG RX-8! ...

... As well as his drag R100, which will be inducted to the NHRA hall of fame next month. This will mark the first time an import, a rotary, and a sport compact has been accepted into the hall of fame. Great job Able!

... Also ultra clean RX-3's...

... and other old school works of art...

... the RacingBeat cars...

.. We even let non-Mazda vehicles in the event. This Rotary Powered Suzuki is a rare sight indeed!

Inside the design studio, for the first time, the RX-01 is shown to the Rotary Community. This car has been on the show circut since 1995, but it has never made an appearance at a Rotary Event. Well, now it has.

You can see where the RX-8 got it's good looks from. The lines first shown on the RX-01 did make it onto the RX-8.

The RX-Evolv show car. This was the first show car to feature the free style doors on a rotary car. The concept was such a hit, they turned it into the RX-8.

This is one of the RX-8 mechanical mules. This car was used to test the system of the car, not the looks. Up close on this car, it is obvously a designers nightmare, but an engineer's dream.

Out and clean. A row of FD's strut their stuff

But the FC's are hard to beat.

This FC has a Racingbeat front end from the 80's on it.

Don't forget about the 1st gens. Is a Turbo ][ a good idea in such a light car?! of course!

Our tech seminars featured Rob from Pineapple Racing who talked about everything in the rotary enternals, and Chris (not pictured) from Rotary Performance who did a general and very informative question and answer session from the crowd.

DJ Solo spun up the tunes for the event.

The raffle was a great hit with many people getting awesome prizes.

Including these Carbon Fiber hoods for the FC3s RX-7 (non turbo and turbo)

The event also generated awareness and funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Including the banquet where 220 of the hardest of hard core rotorheads got together after the day's event for a good meal...

... and Berny talking more :) Actually we had Meada-san talked about the RX-8 design, Koby-san and Toyama-san doing a conversation about his time at Mazda, and work with the Rotary. Weldon Munsey then covered the great HP issue, and other questions for the RX-8. . . Next year: Guys-- they CANNOT talk about furure product, so quit asking! Instead introduce another question with "I'd like to see X-Y-Z done... now here's my question.." Please?!

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Great Event. Thanks!
No Rotor
December 31, 1969 - 4:00pm
Thank you for the great event. Everyone had a wonderful time. It was well worth the 2,000 mile round trip to be there. Kudos to Mazda for hosting it, and more kudos to Berny, Dan, and the SoCal 7s club for organizing it.
Blake Qualley
Driving Sports Magazine
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great pics
No Rotor
December 31, 1969 - 4:00pm
love the great pics especially the RX-3, used to run one road racing , spooky chassis. my '79 is much more settled, I am amazed at the modded RX-8's already and Mr O'Sullivan needs to have a few drinks to loosen up before hand next time.
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fantastic weekend
No Rotor
December 31, 1969 - 4:00pm
FAIR WARNING : You have 350 some days to plan on next years, must do, must see, not to be missed, event. Excellent planning by the coordinators and the super enthusiastic Rotary vendors made for a tremendous weekend.

Lastly, a strong welcome to all the RX-8 owners.

Tim Johnston
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