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SevenStock 6 - Sept 27th and 28th Mazda R&D
Submitted by SuperUser on Wednesday, September 3, 2003 - 11:04pm

The countdown to SevenStock-6 is now down to weeks, not months! Excitement is building, and things are being put into place. We'd like to announce our special guests from Mazda attending this year's events (car show, banquet and other events):

  • Ikuo Maeda RX-8 Chief Designer, Mazda Motor Corporation Maeda-san has enjoyed a long career with Mazda: 1982 Apr Joined Mazda Motor Corporation , Advance Product Planning group, Product Planning div. In charge of product planning for Mazda future product 1984 Sep Advance Design group (Yokohama) Design div. In charge of advance design for Mazda future products 1987 Oct Advance Design studio Mazda North America, Inc. (California) In charge of advance design for Mazda future products 1991 May Lead designer In charge of the leader of exterior design for the Millennia , the Demio, and others 1997 Dec Chief designer, In charge of the Tribute, the RX-8 and other future products
  • Yojo Toyama Former President of Mazda Motors America, 1995-1997 and one of the original 47 Rotary Engineers (Samurai) Graduated from Tokyo University in 1962, majored in aero engineering, Mr. Yoji Toyama joined Toyo Kogyo (Mazda) in 1962 and spent sixteen years in research and development of the rotary engine and the development of rotary engine emission control technologies. He was one of 47 samurais, original rotary engine development team members. On appointment as executive vice president of MTC (Mazda Technical Center) in California in 1978, he handled technical issues regarding the service of rotary engines and initiated local sourcing including air conditioners. He then returned to Hiroshima in 1983 and became general manager in charge of products for export markets. In 1988, he moved again to USA as senior vice president of MMA (Mazda Motors of America) and oversaw the planning of Mazda's second sales channel. 1990 he became president of MANA (Mazda North America) and was involved in local development/engineering, parts procurements and product planning & design. Appointed as president of MMA in 1995 and involved in consolidating multiple Mazda's organizations in North America in 1996. He returned to Japan in 1997 after consolidation completed and Mazda North American Operations kicked off. Upon his return, he was assigned as president of YNS, Hiroshima based combination meter manufacture, whose main customer is Mazda. YNS supplies most of the Mazda's combination meter including the latest RX-8's one. Toyama-san was honored by the Michigan State Legislature for his work in the automotive industry: STATE OF MICHIGAN MICHIGAN LEGISLATURE Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 100 Offered by Senators Dingell and Vaughn (Representatives Vaughn, Dehart, DeMars, Stallworth, Varga, Weeks, Murphy, Profit, Dobronski, Palamara, Clack, Wetters, Scott, Brewer, Hanley, Yokich, Wallace, Byl, Olshove, Parks and Pitoniak named co-sponsors A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION HONORING MR. YOJO TOYAMA WHEREAS, It is a special privilege to have this opportunity to honor Mr. Yoji Toyama forhis contributions to the automotive industry and to international understanding and goodwill during his four-year tenure as president of Mazda (North America), Inc. (MANA). During his stay in Detroit, he has cheerfully endured the vagaries of our weather and the warmth of our hospitality; and WHEREAS, As Mr. Toyama and his wife and daughters love the Great Lake State for sunny California, we trust that they will take with them many fond memories of their stay in our midst. Moreover, we wish Yoji Toyama continued success as he takes over his new duties at Mazda Motor of America, Inc., in Irvine, California. This is indeed an impressive new assignment in a brilliant career with Mazda Motor Corporation that has spanned more than thirty years; and WHEREAS, A 1962 graduate of Tokyo University, Mr. Toyama put his degree in aero engineering to use during the sixteen years he spent in research and development of the rotary engine and the development of rotary engine emission devices. On appointment as executive vice president of MANA in 1981, he handled technical issues regarding the service of rotary engines and initiated local sourcing of Mazda air conditioners. He was also involved in planning MANA's vehicle design and development role in the United States and oversaw the planning of Mazda's second sales channel, Amati; now, therefore, be it RESOLVED BY THE SENATE (the House of Representatives concurring), That a unanimous accolade of praise and commendation be accorded Mr. Yoji Toyama in recognition of his accomplishments as president of Mazda (North America), Inc.; and be it further RESOLVED, That a copy of this resolution be transmitted to Mr. Toyama as evidence of our highest esteem. Adopted by the State, March, 30, 1995. Adopted by the House of Representatives, April 4, 1995. And returning guest (for the 3rd year!)
  • Koby-san -- Takaharu Kobayakawa Head of FD Development and the 1991 24 hour of 787B LeMans Winning Race Team
The main Saturday event will be followed up by a Reception at the Hilton, and the Banquet with some procedes going to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Come join them and the thousands of Rotary Fans at SevenStock-6 Sept 27th and 28th Mazda R&D Center, 1421 Reynolds Ave. Irvine, CA

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