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RX-8 Short Lead Press Event: Part 2 - Answers!
Submitted by SuperUser on Friday, June 20, 2003 - 1:41pm

We haven't heard much about
the engine management system/ECU on this car. Any details on that would
be nice.
It is a 32 bit, flash programmable ECU

What is the reason for the
discrepancy between the current EPA figure of 18/24 mpg and the earlier
mazda estimate of 20/30 mpg? Is this a manifestation of a different
type of testing?

Final Numbers

An owner in Japan said the
car engine and engine compartment seemeed very hot after driving. Is
excess heat an issue?

If a larger displacement
twin rotor or triple rotor is in the future of the RENESIS and fuel
consumption is a concern, can Displacement On Demand (expected in the
C6 Vette) be implemented in the rotary engine?

Are all the Mazda and
Mazdaspeed JDM accessories going to be available stateside through
Mazda Dealers?
Not all of them, some parts are a
different spec for Japanese market and won't fit.

How much horse power does it make to the rear wheels?
About 204-207.
Will there be a factory
racing program (USA or Europe) associated with the RX-8?
Any word on final
performance numbers of the automatic transmission?
207 HP @ 7200 RPM
164 Ft @ 5000 RPM
At the "flywheel"

Some of the Mazda dealers
here are charging their RX-8 "pre-sale" customers a large premium on
top of the MSRP - even though the pre-sale customers put down a deposit
on the RX-8, sight unseen, BEFORE the MSRP was announced. I don't feel
that this is a fair way to treat the most loyal Mazda customers. What
is Mazda's position regarding this practice?
Mazda can't force dealers to sell it
at MSRP, but they have advised them to do so. If a dealer is
over-charging, the best thing for the customer to do is shop around.
The MazdaUSA website will have inventory of the RX-8s up shortly, with
the ability to shop in a 150 mile radius.

The dealers have also been advised that the RX-8 is a high production
number car. So it would be foolish for them to overcharge when the
supply can keep up with demand.

In the concept Mazdaspeed
RX-8, will forced induction or different engine size (i.e. 90mm wide
rotors) play a role in providing more power to the special edition?
No Comment
Will they be making a turbo
or supercharger version in the future for the renesis engine???

No Comment
One of the reasons I am going to purchase an RX8 is due to a high RPM
limit. What are the limiting factors in raising the RPM limit and
redline, and why hasn't mazda trumped on this fact in advertising?
We are!! Take a look at this
months issue of WIRED magazine. The advert will "make your head spin"

Are there any plans for a
more powerful engine and/or a five or more speed automatic transmission
to be installed in the RX-8 AT?
No Comment
Is Direct gasoline
Injection something Mazda is looking into for a future RENESIS?
No Comment

This website previously
carried a quote by a Mazda engineer at a previous press event as saying
something to the tune of "the RENESIS was built for boost."
However, speculation on the boards seems to focus on wider rotors being
the preferred power upgrade for the engine. What exactly did he mean by
the quote, and is it still viable?
No Comment
Can you speculate whether
light-pressure forced induction at the lower rpm range would lead to a
different driving profile, thereby leading to better fuel economy?
No Comment
Will there be any factory
support of any kind for race/street modification by tuners and single
customers? By support I mean information made available.
No, nothing in place to handle it, and
Mazda can't do it at this time
When will the RENESIS be
available for purchase as a crate engine for research / racing purposes?
There are barely enough new RENESIS
engines for the new Formula Mazda series. All new production
right now are earmarked for the production cars. But check back in one

1/ Early on, there was an
implication that the side exhaust ports were ceramic coated inside - is
this still in the design?
2/ Again early on, the RENESIS was proposed as 287hp, the unofficial
Japanese limit - the 300z etc 'competition' are still there, but the
'8' falls short, why? Thanks, Ray.
The RX-8 is not all about Horse POwer.
If your focus is strictly on that number, stick with the Z.
hey im glad that you guys
are getting such an exciting opportunity to view the rx-8 in person. my
question reguards this: how much better will the RENESIS do with
lasting a longer life than the previous rotary engines? Thanks for the
opportunity!!!! :)
laterz: rotarydoc
We expect it would. And back it up
with a 4year 50,000 mile warrentee
One of Car & Driver's
critisisms of the RX-8 was a lack of mid-range power. Is there any plan
to address this issue?
Pre production cars were "down on
power." Wait until they drive a production car.
What was the true stort
about the sticking third port? Was this fixed for production?

There was a issue with the supplier of
the valve that actuated the ports. A screw was missing from that first
run, and the car went into "limp mode" at that RPM range. The
issue was a pre-production issue, and was resolved.
Not only is this history in
the return of the rotary to the American market place but this has got
to be the longest wait in history for a car to enter the market from
its show car origins to a car that is available at dealerships. Why is
this taking sooooo looooog? If you want to partially blame Bush and the
war economy fine but when are the cars going to be in dealership lots?
We wanted to get the car right. This
car is too important to not do it right.
Nissan's Murano SUV has
been reported to have benefited from it's application of a cvt
developed (in part) by JATCO. As I recall the original RX-2,3,4, and
REPUs equipped with auto trans sourced (and shared with the 240z) those
from JATCO. Any chance this cv trans could be adapted to the Renesis,
as it would maximise the available torque delivery?
No Comment

comments were not submitted in time to give to Robert Davis, but we
will do our best to answer them from the press materials we have.

Especially considering the
redline is at 9000 RPM, and that the side seals have to cross larger
port openings in the side housings, I'm wondering how Mazda compares
durability and longevity of the high-power Renesis, with that of the
N.A. 13B of the 2nd generation RX-7.
Thank you! (I hope I'm not too late)
The side seals do not sweep post the
openings. The longevity should be greater than the NA 13B RX-7, and the
"unbreakable" 12a RX-7 from the 1st gens.

Can the RENESIS be adaped
to aviation ?
Jay Amestoy actually brought up
aviation in the press conference. He said the rotary is the most
successful aviation adaptation of a automotive engine. However,
Mazda is in no position to get into the avaition business.
1. Where are the engine
mounts on the RENESIS & RX-8 located? In each generation of RX-7,
the engine mounting points were different, making cross generations
swaps difficult.

They are different from the previous
generations of rotary engines

2. Any plans to
market a RENESIS crate motor at some point? Would like to see a crate
RENESIS sold with a Mazda engine control unit or intended for DIY
installation with a user provided aftermarket ECU, perhaps as a kit
tailored for installation in older RX-7's...

No plans as of yet. Check back in "one year"

3. If the answer to #2 is
Yes, besides engine fuel control & management issues, what else
would be involved WRT installing the RENESIS in each generation of
RX-7? (e.g., mounting, fitment & cooling issues, etc.) I'm
interested in the 89-91 FC3S in particular. Has Mazda thought about
this idea at all, and if so, can you please share what you've found.
One year. Mazda is aware of this

Given that the main concern
in the public about the RX-8 is the lack of torque and necessity of
brutal treatment of the clutch to get a sub-6.0 second sprint to 60,
why is the gearing so tall in first and second gears? (Same question
rephrased for clarity, not really a second question, so I didn't do a
seperate reply)
Many sports cars are geared so that 60mph/100kmph are reached at
redline so that the performance stats that most buyers prize are
optimized. Why was that approach not taken with the RX-8?
It is! The powerband of
the RENESIS is big. 1st gear at 9500rpm (fuel cut) is 40
MPH 2nd is 68 MPH. 3rd is 95 MPH. With the
broad torque band of the RENESIS, it is possible to go from 0-60 with
just one gear change! The acceleration is quite good,
and that 9000 RPM redline is reached very quickly.
i understand that mazda is
really trying to please everyone with this car and i think that so far
its coming along well, but with so much potential in such a small
package why don't they make a three rotor crate engine for those of us
who want that power regardless of mpg or speedlimits? chevy has been
doing it forever, why should rotorfans be any different.
3rotor are EXPENSIVE. The market
research indicates that the 3rotor just won't sell for the price it
costs to make it.

Please ask if anything has been redesigned in the Renesis engine in
regards to engine coolant passages. As Jim Mederer from Racing Beat
noted at last year's SS5 Sunday Open House, the problem with the 13B
REW and cooling is directly related to the engine housing's inability
to flow more coolant through the engine. Granted this is more of a
problem out here in the desert (Phoenix), but it would be nice to know
if any improvements have been added to this new design.
Yes, since the exhaust ports are now
on the side houses, more coolant flows through the area where the
exhaust port used to be. In addition the O-Ring grooves have been
moved back to the rotor housings from the side housings.
Why only 231ps[~229bhp] for
the UK's RX8 ???
[From Mazda's UK website]
Can't comment. The event had
North-American only information
Can torque be greatly
improved on the RX-8 RENESIS by turbocharging/supercharging and is
MazdaSpeed working on such an enhancement?
1st, I'd like for everyone to drive
the car before asking about torque!! It will push you back in the
seat. But as for future projects, Mazda was tight lipped as

I work part time for a
Mazda dealer in Canada.I heard a rumour that introduction will be
delayed in Canada due to problems with the wedge side seal.You could
ask if any motor problems have arisen,their nature and the fix.Please
keep my name out of any discussion for obvious reasons.We got our copy
of the RX-8 Factory Manual today---scary!
No chance to ask...
How can i get my hands on a
copy of the Factory manual?
They should be available from the

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No Rotor
December 31, 1969 - 4:00pm
Man, I can't wait till I have my 6speed stick in my hand and hit the first mile after break-in has been properly accomplished. Should take about 3 days after I take delivery!! thanks for the questions, answers, report, seat of the pants evaluation of the production cars!!
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No title supplied
No Rotor
December 31, 1969 - 4:00pm
It seems as if everyone is in such a hurry to modify the RENESIS engine before even having the chance to drive the car. My favorite response to any of the questions was, " I'd like everyone to drive the car before commenting on TORQUE!!!". I would bet that half of the people making the coments on lack of torque or power have no plans on even purchasing a new RX-8. Give the car a chance to prove itself once it gets here, and remember that this car was never intended to be another 7.
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Great job!
No Rotor
December 31, 1969 - 4:00pm

As always, thanks for taking time to bring us the latest information on Rotary Power. You guys go to a great deal of personal expense and sacrafice to attend these events and ferret out the details. Of course, we're extremely grateful and jealous as hell!

Thanks again!
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Part 3?
No Rotor
December 31, 1969 - 4:00pm
You got to drive the cars, will their be a part 3 on driving a production car??
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No title supplied
No Rotor
December 31, 1969 - 4:00pm
In a word, yes
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