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East Coast Mazda High Speed Drivers Ed
Submitted by SuperUser on Monday, January 27, 2003 - 2:45pm

Dave Nugent from Mazda Drivers Associates writes in: Drive the historic and legendary Virginia International Raceway north 2.3 mile road course at speed. Be part of our Mazda Performance Driving Seminar, two-day high-speed drivers education on the picturesque and challenging North course. Don't miss out on this great event, register by January 31 for the best pricing. Visit for event details, hotel information, tech and registration forms. Driving Seminars Spring 2003 event

  • Two Day High-Speed Driver's Education
  • Saturday and Sunday, March 29 & 30, 2003
  • Virginia International Raceway, North 2.3 mile course, Alton, VA
  • Track and Classroom Instruction
  • Virginia International Raceway:
    • Located 12 miles east of Danville, VA
    • VIR's North Course is a technically challenging 17+turn, 2.3 mile course with significant altitude and camber changes
  • Instruction
    • Mandatory classroom attendance is required each morning. Morning advanced, intermediate and beginners sessions tailored to experience levels.
    • In-car Instructors assigned to students. After demonstration of basic skills and appropriate on-course behavior, students may be signed off for solo driving by their instructors. Most students experience on-course solo experience.
  • Requirements:
    • Helmets required, Snell 90 or better (rentals available, contact Paul Klein; VIR sells helmets on-site if needed)
    • Technical Inspection Form Required -- pre-inspection section of the form should be completed prior to the event.
    • Participants should ensure that their vehicles are in proper working order, you are responsible for completion of a detailed pre-inspection form ahead of time. Participants vehicles that do not pass technical inspection will not be allowed to run until their vehicle is repaired and may have to forfeit their entrance fees. Technical Inspection forms are available online.
    • Convertibles are required to be equipped with four point roll bars with substantial rearward bracing that pass through the decking and bolt to the uni-body structure of the vehicle itself. If any doubt, roll bar questions need to be addressed during early registration, not the day of nor 2 weeks before the event. Driver's fees may be forfeited otherwise. Contact David Nugent ahead of time. The top of your helmet must be below the roll bar.
    • Long sleeve shirts and long pants are required while on the track.
  • Registration:
    • Closes Wednesday, March 26, 2003. Historically MDA events sell out in several weeks, early advance registration is encouraged to ensure your a spot.
    • MDA participants historically receive four 25-30 minute sessions per day (100-120 minutes), or eight 25-30 sessions for for both days (200-240 minutes) of on-track time. Weather and on-track incidents may lessen times,
    • Smaller runs groups will again be the case for this event, this translates into quality track time and shorter transits between run groups which equals quality track time.
    • Assignments will be into 3 run groups (4th group reserved for Instructors) based on driver experience and vehicle type.
    • Registration is available for non-Mazda owners/vehicles, the event is open to all manufacturers.
    • Licensed drivers 18 years of age or older, driver's license and proof of automobile insurance required.
    • Substitute driver/vehicle must meet the same requirements, substitute participants should contact MDA no later than March 26, 2003, 6:00PM EST, this is needed to ensure instructor/student pairings.
  • MDPS Track Fees:
    • Please see the registration form
    • The track event is held rain or shine. No refunds unless VIR cancels the event, highly unlikely due to rain. Rain while not the perfered weather, still offers valuable real world driving experiences in a controlled environment.
    • Registration is by receipt of fees and available space.
    • No single day option, safety concerns.
    • Like other sponsoring organizations, costs associated with damages to VIR property or that of others is passed along to the participant. An example would be damage to VIR's guardrails.
    • Participants are subject to a $200 cancellation fee after March 1, 2003
    • No refunds after March 15, 2003, 6:00 PM EST, forfeiture of entire fee may be required. Substitutions allowed, provided they complete the pre-inspection and provide advance notice (by Wednesday, March 26, 2003 6:00 PM EST)
    • Make checks payable to "MDA, LLC."
    • Snail mail along with the completed application to:
Mazda Driving Associates, LLC., P.O. Box 1092, Springfield, VA 22151-0092
  • Arrival Times:
    • Technical Inspections start Friday night around 5:30 pm in the Comfort Inn (formerly Howard Johnson Hotel) parking lot. Tech inspections are strongly encouraged Friday night.
    • Arrive at the North paddock, Virginia International Raceway at 7:00 AM. Technical inspections start at 7:15 AM and close at 8:00 AM for class. Classroom instruction is mandatory each day. Tech inspection if needed resume after class. If not teched you may not drive on course, Friday night is the best bet.
  • Evening Headquarters:
    • Most MDA participants will be staying at the Comfort Inn (formerly Howard Johnson Hotel) in Danville, VA (434) 793-2000, 11 miles west of the track on Rt. 58. Group rates are $72 plus tax. MDA participants will need to mention "Mazda Drivers" to receive this group rate. Group rooms are released after March 1.
    • Other hotels in Danville, VA include the Holiday Inn Express at (434) 793-4000 and the Hampton Inn at (434) 793-1111.
  • For more information:
    • Contact David Nugent at or phone 703-693-0321D
    • Supplemental detailed participant information will be e-mailed to participants in advance of the event.

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