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1st Driving report Mazda Rx-8
Submitted by SuperUser on Thursday, October 31, 2002 - 7:58pm

The long lead press was the first to get to drive the final production version of the RX-8 last month, this german magazine was the first to get to press. Although in German, we can use babelfish for a rough translation.

The complete driving report will be on news stands in Germany in "AUTO BILD" starting from Thursday, 31

Driving report Mazda Rx-8

Mazdas most courageous model

A Coupé with four doors and wankel engine - it did not give ever. AUTO PICTURE drove the Rx-8 into Japan exclusively to sample.
31.10.2002 - Which distinguishes this Mazda, are two things, which he conceals at first sight, make singular: the door concept and the wankel engine. We look at ourselves first the knuffige cab. There two large doors are on the right of and left - as had. The Clou thereby: The auxiliary hatches are in the back fastened, which is missing middle roof posts (b-column).

With first test runs on the Mazda Testgelaende in Japan the body convinced by high rigidity and stability. But the technicians some let themselves be broken in. Thus a strong frame profile beside the cardan shaft from carbon fiber, which connects the engine gear unit as central backbone with the rear Differenzial, sits. Result is a very precise road-hugging property, which Rx-8 absorbs curves greedily and as pulled on the cord its course pulls. Even malicious bumps in close turns do not bring unrest in the vehicle.

The chassis is on the newest conditions. In front double wishbones, in the back a complex multi-steering wheel axle. In addition a direct power steering, which obtain a very good feeling for the road. The engine is more compact and easier around 30 per cent than in the Rx-7 - that is a feat. And in addition strongly and with high engine speed like never. To fullly 9000 routes the Wankel is jubilant, without it must particularly exert. It sounds finally so hoarse and arises, as we always wished it.

The complete driving report stands in the current AUTO PICTURE , number 44/2002. Starting from Thursday, 31 October, at the kiosk, at gas stations and in the magazine trade.

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King of Italy
No Rotor
December 31, 1969 - 4:00pm
Why the German press got the first report out and were able to test drive it at all is a mystery to me. Most of the RX-8 will be sold in America. So Mazda realizing that opens the car to Eurpeon viewers first. Risky business, Europe. This car is not a guaranteed success story. America has always been the largest purchacing country of things Japanese, Mazda should at least think of that. Mazda could also ramp up its American dealer network to start creating a need for this vehicle in my garage.

My wife and I are the owners of our 7th and 8th Mazda vehicle right now. I tell you that only to impress my loyalty and desire to see Mazda suceed in America. I have been here thru think and thin as far as quality of models is concerned.

Phillip Rusciano
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See the 1st one
No Rotor
December 31, 1969 - 4:00pm
Go rent the 1st one, it's not a bad movie at all!
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