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New RX8 project - KAMIKAZE RX8
Submitted by KAMIKAZE RX8 on Thursday, May 27, 2010 - 6:30am

Dear Mazda owners and fans!

We manufacture full wide bodykit for fabulous Mazda RX-8.

We would be very happy for every comment or question you have regarding our kit. And even more happy, if you are thinking about purchasing it.

Feel free to comment on your forum, or visit our web at The web is in several languages, English, German Czech and Russian. If you have any additional questions we will be ready to asist you via We speak English and Czech. If you are ready for purchasing the kit, please visit or and search for KAMIKAZE RX8.

Tell us what you think about KAMIKAZE RX8!

Have a great day


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Great discounts!
August 6, 2010 - 8:07am
Hi guys (and some chicks maybe),

We have a new offer for you. Due to our neverending generosity, we have worked out great discounts for you!

Now we have a great prices for bulk buys! It starts 25% off, when you decide to buy three of our fabulous KAMIKAZE bodykits and goes up to 35% for 5 kits purchased at one time!

So, if you are ready to buy 3 kits, you´ll have to spend 3 180 USD ( 2 544 Euro) for one kit.
Second option is to purchase 5 kits and than you will pay only 2 756 USD (2 205 Euro) for a single kit.

Get ready to talk to your friends and get your RX8s a great facelift!

If you have any questions, ask right now, via this forum or to our email
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Discount on 1 kit!
September 3, 2010 - 3:43am
Hi everyone!

We have 5 bodykits on stock, so we are offering them for great price! We have cut the price by approximately ¼, so you can have KAMIKAZE bodykit for only 3 286 USD!!! Or equivalent 2 629 EUR.

This offer is limited to those five kits, so be fast and save a lot of money!

Check out our eBay auction for buying it, or send me an email
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