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BMI Racing would like your support for the next round of Formula Drift
Submitted by Dan Mazzella on Monday, May 24, 2010 - 10:04pm

Our friends at BMI, who are racing a 4-Rotor RX-8, need your help! See the message below from their team:

We have been presented with many tough struggles this season, but we have kept fighting each challenge that is presented to us. This has led us to being short on the budget for next round - Formula Drift Round 3 New Jersey. This is pretty much Brian Wilkerson's home track, and in some ways similar to this:

We had a great time trekking across the USA to Atlanta GA, cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner along the way, and updating everyone on facebook. We kept everything as simple as possible in Atlanta, including sleeping at the track (Road Atlanta has great facilities) and we want to do it again, not just for us, but for all our fans as well.

We also want to give Brian Wilkerson the opportunity to show the drift community his talents and abilities (if they don't already know it).

We are a low budget team with high expectations, where, putting parts on the RX8 4 Rotor are more important than buying new shoes, and Ramen noodles are your best friend.

We have decided to reach out to our fans to help us make it to the New Jersey Round. By making a contribution to the team we will put your name on the car; if not the New Jersey Round (due to time constraints) it will be on there for round 4 in Monroe, WA. Even if you cannot help us with a monetary contribution we appreciate any showing of support for BMI Racing. We want the whole drift community to know how great our fans are! Thank you!

If we do get to New Jersey and your there, please make sure you stop by and say hello, we would love to get to know you all!!

If you would like to make a contribution
please follow this link.

Thanks again!!
Best Regards
Sarah Burgess
BMI Racing

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Link for CHipIn
May 26, 2010 - 4:47am
Please copy and paste this into your web broswer
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