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Mazda Receives Award for Hydrogen Rotary Engine Initiatives
Submitted by Berny Herrera on Wednesday, May 19, 2010 - 5:28pm

Hiroshima, May 19, 2010 -- Mazda Motor Corporation is pleased to announce that on May 18, 2010 it received the IAHE Sir William Grove Award from the International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE) at a presentation ceremony in Essen, Germany.

The IAHE is an international organization that promotes academic and technological advancements in the field of hydrogen energy. Every two years, the IAHE presents five awards to researchers or organizations that have made significant contributions in areas related to hydrogen energy. The awards are presented during the World Hydrogen Energy Conference (WHEC), the world's largest international conference on hydrogen energy, which the IAHE hosts.

The 2010 IAHE Sir William Grove Award recognizes Mazda's initiatives to advance hydrogen energy, which include the commercialization of the world's first hydrogen rotary engine vehicles, and participation in Norway's national HyNor hydrogen project. This is the first time Mazda has won an IAHE award.

History of Mazda's hydrogen vehicle development

- 1991: Developed first hydrogen rotary engine vehicle, HR-X

- 1992: Conducted test drive of golf cart equipped with fuel cell

- 1993: Developed second hydrogen rotary engine vehicle, HR-X2; Developed MX-5 test vehicle equipped with hydrogen rotary engine

- 1995: Conducted Japan's first public road tests of a hydrogen rotary engine vehicle, Capella Cargo.

- 1997: Developed Demio FC-EV

- 2001: Developed Premacy FC-EV, conducted first public road test in Japan

- 2003: Announced RX-8 hydrogen rotary engine development

- 2004: Received MLIT approval for public road testing of RX-8 Hydrogen RE

- 2006: Started commercial leasing of RX-8 Hydrogen RE in Japan (eight models have been delivered to date)

- 2007: Signed agreement to provide RX-8 Hydrogen REs to HyNor, a Norwegian national transportation project

- 2008: Commenced public road tests in Norway with RX-8 Hydrogen RE validation vehicle

- 2009: Commenced commercial leasing of Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid

For more information on Mazda's hydrogen rotary engine, please visit:

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