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The *Big List* moves to a new Home
Submitted by SuperUser on Sunday, August 11, 2002 - 12:00am

Nearly 8 years ago, the original owner of the RX-7 mailing list, Jeff
Nappi, found himself unable to continue to maintain the list. He asked for a volunteer to run the list in his stead. Reto became the list administrator, and under his rule, the list became one of the most valuable resources for RX-7's and rotary powered vehicles on the internet.

The time has now come for Reto to hand over the list to a new admin. Reto will be sorely missed. He kept the list free flame wars, kept spam under control and kept the topics rotary related.
We now would like to introduce the the new Big List Admin is John Schubert, and a new server with a new address to go along with the change.

"Reto has been far more than a list moderator. He has been a source of balance and constructive criticism. He has provided boundaries, and assertive action at the right times--gently prodding us to behave when things started to get out of hand, and cutting threads off at the knees when they went too far. He has done this with humor, grace, wit and polish. Not to mention wisdom" says the wise David Lane. (correction: This was first cited as John's quote, but it isn't, my appologies!)

John has been interested in Mazda rotaries since the early '70s. He bought my 1st RX-7 in December 1980, (an '81 Rx-7 GSL whichheI still owns.) In addition, he's owned various Mazda rotaries since then. He warped his daughter Rebecca's automotive perspective and she too has owned several rotaries, currently a "personalized" '88 Rx-7 SE. In 1981 he co-founded the Bay Area Rx-7 Club with Chuck Davies. The club is located in San Jose/S.F. bay area and is still active. He am the domain owner of and webmaster of the Bay Area Rx-7 Club website. I am the list owner of the Bay Area RX-7 Club email list. Information about the new server can be found at the new website

Send mail for the 'rx7' list to the following spam-defanged address 'rx7 at'

Subscribe to the list by sending an email with "subscribe rx7" to the following spam-defanged address `MajorDomo at'.

(Copy and paste those email addersses into your email composer and/or address book. Replace the ' at ' with '@', We don't have links setup because of spam robots)

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No Rotor
December 31, 1969 - 4:00pm
i need your company address.
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