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PAC Performance Mazda6 is the Fastest Rotary in the World! 6.75@201mph
Submitted by Berny Herrera on Friday, September 18, 2009 - 3:44pm

September in Sydney, beautiful blue skies, warm weather and great conditions for Drag Racing. This would provide the back-drop to one of the greatest and most justly deserved performances provided by an Australian team in Drag Racing history in this country!!!

The three day weekend would start with the awards dinner on the Thursday night at the Rooty Hill RSL, where PAC customer Damien McKern would proudly accept his award as National Champion for Super Compact in it's inaugural year!!

Super Compact has arrived !!

Friday, and the first day of qualifying, with three regular PAC customers and PAC PERFORMANCE'S flagship, the Mazda 6 backing up just three short weeks after the Jamboree in Queensland. These would be ,George Marcevski in the 13B RX3,EAT20B,'Mr.Excitement' Ivan Skaramuca in his beautiful cerise 20B RX3, and the 'Mild - Mannered Accountant' from Queensland, Damien McKern in his wild and angry 20B powered RX2,GRUMP2 on its skinny little 28X9 Hoosiers!!!

The two qualifiers run on the Friday would show that all the cars were 'on the money' apart from Damien's little 'Green Rocket' which was somewhat off it's usual storming runs !! This would be addressed over the course of the weekend.

Saturday and everyone was willing ,ready and able for the last of the qualifiers ,a last chance to shake up the order and leap-frog someone else to make the top half of the 11 starters in the field.

This was the moment history was to be made!!! Rocky was lined up next to Tony Wedlock in the Toyota Aurion and as both cars set off the excitement of the commentator was palpable as he relayed a 1.02 second 60ft charge by the Mazda 6. An untidy and far from perfect pass saw the timers come up with a 6.75@201mph and an exultant yell as realization set in that this was the fastest pass by a Rotary powered vehicle anywhere in the world!!!

To cap off a great weekend for the PAC team, Ivan in the 3/4 20B powered RX3 had also lowered the world record from his previous best of 7.08 at the Jamboree ,to 7.04 at his 'home' track, and tantalisingly close to that six second pass, this also gave him number qualifier for the event.

And so to Sunday and eliminations. The Mazda 6 would progress no further in the first round as a mechanical gremlin crept in and resulted in the quickest Rotary in the world left sitting on the start line. The gauntlet has been laid down and any team who takes Rotary power lightly, should reconsider their options!!

Ivan was to falter and lose in the first round also, so it was now up to GRUMP2 and EAT 20B to progress and take the fight to the multi-cylinders, which they did admirably. George Marcevski in EAT20B would account for Tony Wedlock in the Aurion and Damien would dispose of the might of Joe Signorelli in the Celica.

Damien had battled mechanical maladies all weekend, but after 'never say die' work by his team and much input, had progressed to the third round, and after succumbing to Dib by the narrowest of margins and one of the best and closest races, an all Rotor final was set up, which would see Dib in the TCR 20B auto Series 6 ,against George in the 13B, EAT20B. A glowing red on the tree would consign George to the 'runner-up' position, but the weekend had been an unmitigated success for the PAC team and due reward for the 'blood, sweat and tears' expended by the team in the weeks and months leading up to this triumph.

As has been conveyed previously ,none of this would have been possible without the steadfast support of major sponsors in Castrol Edge, Turbosmart and Turbo by Garrett!!!

Also a massive debt of gratitude goes out to all the 'Rotorheads' out there who never lost faith and are now seeing the rewards for their unwavering support!!

This story is far from unfinished and the PAC team looks to the future and is privileged to have all it's supporters along for the ride.

Thank you all, and until next time, 'keep the faith'!!!

Video of Record Run

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Quickest with stock internals?
September 29, 2009 - 6:48am
Might this also be that quickest car in the world to use a stock "block" and engine internals? Any piston-powered vehicle going this quick has no engine parts that ever saw a stock vehicle assembly line. But I bet this car has at-least stock rotors and housings.

(P.S. A few paragraphs might help readability of the article... :)
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