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Norton Motorcycles to Return to Isle of Man TT 2009 with NRV 588 Rotary Race Bike
Submitted by Berny Herrera on Wednesday, May 20, 2009 - 5:04pm

Works Norton team returns to world famous TT races for the first time since 1993, demonstrating the new owners commitment to the brand's racing pedigree!

Norton Motorcycles will make its long awaited return to the legendary Isle of Man TT races in May 2009 after an absence of 16 years! In an historic deal, the brand was recently brought back to the UK after 15 years stateside by UK businessman, Stuart Garner.

Michael Dunlop, 20, son of the late motorcycle legend Robert Dunlop, will pilot the Norton NRV 588 Rotary Bike on its TT debut in the seniors race over the notorious 37¾ mile circuit. Michael says: “This is a fantastic opportunity to make history with Norton's return to one of the world's most famous races - a real highlight of the racing calendar. It means a lot to me as I will be following in my father's bike tracks as he finished third on his JPS Norton when he competed in 1990.”

Stuart Garner, chief executive at Norton Motorcycles says: “This is the first time since 1993 that a works Norton team has raced at the TT. We have a fantastic racing pedigree with the brand established over 100 years ago and our aim is to emulate the success Norton race bikes achieved particularly in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. The 588cc Norton race bike has been developed over the last year by Brian Crighton and the Spondon Engineering team, led by Stuart Tiller. We are confident that 2009 will prove to be a significant milestone in the history of this famous UK motorcycle brand.”

TT race organisers are thrilled at Norton's return. Hon Martyn Quayle MHK, Minister for Tourism and Leisure, Isle of Man Government says: “Having a Norton back in the TT is sensational news! It will truly be an historic occasion within the competitions history. They were a fabulous crowd pleaser and we have every confidence this will be the first of many successful races for the Norton team.”

Norton Motorcycles UK manufacturing plant is at Donington Park. The company plans to make handbuilt road-legal NRV588 bikes throughout 2009.

This NRV-588 has an advanced, up-to-date technical specification using computers to control all operations, but the general configuration is as follows:

- 588cc twin-rotor Wankel type
- Fuel injected, direct spray into both bell mouths
- Fully variable intake tract to peak maximum torque between 8000-11,000rpm
- Electric water pump
- Ducted fan air cooling for rotors
- Fly-by-wire throttle

- Projected at 170 BHP @ 11,500 RPM
- Max torque 80 Ibs ft, at variable rpm

- Twin spar aluminium, by Spondon

Front Suspension
- Ohlins upside-down fork

Rear Suspension
- Ohlins specially made long-stroke single-sided direct connection unit

- AP Discs with radial mounted front callipers and rear 2 piston brake calliper.

- Dymag 16.5in

- Dunlop

- 130kg (dry)


Special thanks to RN.COM members mick998 & Charles Wilson for letting us know of this very exciting Rotary project.

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3 Types of Motorcycle Graphics
September 8, 2010 - 9:38pm
Motorcycle graphics can make your motorcycle look fantastic. With all the different types of motorcycle graphics, it's hard to tell just what kind to look for. What kind of motorcycle graphics would be best for you and your motorcycle?

used toyota
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Norton a no show at IoM TT Race
June 13, 2009 - 12:37pm

There is someone mentioned in the other posts who predicted this would happen.
I am still waiting for some other responses to complete this sad chapter in a long sad story.

More later, if possible, and that might not be probable.

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Norton Rotary(s)
May 20, 2009 - 6:14pm
First, Thanx for the compliments. I've followed the (Original, from BSA) Norton Rotary saga since ~ 1976 - and had an RE-5 Suzuki as my sole transportation for about 8 years through the 80s.

There is another story for the Norton Rotary (As there always seems to be with any Rotary) and part of that story is found here:

Joe Seifert owns this Norton company and if you read the various parts of the site, you realize that something doesn't add up. Read the commentary below concerning Richard Negus and you'll see.

With the April 2 News Item concerning selling the Norton spares to Andover, it appears that something has been worked out. The "other" Norton site - "Norton Racing" - has stated on its site that it is willing to produce a "streetable" Norton and the tension between the two camps has produced some interesting copy.

Richard Negus:

"Having been a Director of 'old' Norton Motors Limited until October 1993, Manager of Norton Motors (1993) Ltd until October 1994, Consultant Engineer to Mid-West Engines Ltd until January 2001, Consultant Engineer to Diamond Engines GmbH until December 2003, and now Managing Director of Norton Motors Ltd, I have an unbroken first-hand association with rotary engines based on the Norton patents and IPR and know (without a shadow of doubt) that ownership of that IPR never rested in the hands of any organisation outside Europe. I have copies of all the transfer documents and could probably quote chapter and verse to support my assertion."


Would love to see the Norton Rotary at Isle of Man and also at Daytona for the 200 but so far all I see are about 200 lawyers lined up from Daytona to Shenstone.

Does ANYONE have some new information here?

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Your welcome CW, and thanks f
May 21, 2009 - 9:56pm
Your welcome CW, and thanks for the update, although a bit negative. I hope they work out their diferences and we get on with development of the RE bike!

-Berny H.
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Dueling Nortons
May 22, 2009 - 4:58pm
I've received E-Mail from Mr. Seifert and none from Norton Racing. I have received answers to queries to Norton Racing before. Once, a few months ago, I even tried to get Cook Neilson to look into the current situation.

I hope to post a synopsis soon. Unfortunately, Berny, it's just not as simple as "getting on with development...".

35 years ago, it was getting NVT to keep the project going and maybe getting thousands of Pounds (Char{British[$$$]}) for a license to manufacture. Shall we bring up Phillipe LeRoux and "The Managers"? LeRoux claims he was innocent but what of David MacDonald? And on and on...

The promise was always there. See as far back as "NVT Rotary Sets the Pace", from an article I used to have from "The Engineer", circa 1976. I'm still looking for a copy or a SCAN of "Design Magazine", another British publication, from about the same time. There were any number of secret and not so secret rides reported in the press. THAT game is still being played to this very day.

Sorry you caught me on a bad day. Development? You can find the patents on Google from the drop down menus. Try Patent # 4,969,809. THAT would have helped the oil usage on the Norton. SAE papers? Start with 770044. How did Curtiss-Wright do with its Rotary production? They sure helped with Stratified Charge. How about SAE # 821068, "Development of the Norton Rotary Motorcycle Engine"? Of course, there's Mazda. There's ALWAYS Mazda. Get ready for the Direct Injected Stratified Charge Rotary. That would be found in SAE # 930677.

So it goes. More later,

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