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Aug 13th, Celebrate 100th birthday of Felix Wankel
Submitted by SuperUser on Thursday, June 13, 2002 - 12:00am

Even though Dr. Felix Wankel passed away on October 9, 1988, his life and inspirations will be celebrated this year, as he would have turned 100. Felix Wankel was born on August 13, 1902 in Lahr (Black Forest), Germany. The city of Lahr is planning a 3 day celebration called Rund um Wankel - Lahr dreht auf (round around Wankel - Lahr untwists). Lahr is organizing a large Wankel Event with numerous high points, including a showing of many rotary powered vehicles like the NSU Ro 80, NSU Spider, Citroen gs Bi-rotor, all Mazda RX-7s, the Mazda Cosmo Sport 110s, Mazda Eunos Cosmo, Mercedes Benz C111, Hercules, Suzuki, and Norton motorcycles. Other festivities include music, talks about the life of Felix, wine receptions, and food in the best German tradition!

More information (in German) can be found on the whs-online website, or at the Lahr Website

Here is a schedule of events:

13.-15.09.2002 in Lahr/Black Forest (place of birth by Felix Wankel):

The Wankel days in Lahr stand under the title:
"round around Wankel - Lahr untwists"

The city Lahr organizes a large Wankel Event with numerous high points
(all instructions conditions 17,05,2002):

- intended journey participant/inside to 13.09.2002 (if possible until at noon)
- tie point of all vehicles on the parking lot at the Max-Planck High School
- greetings by the mayor
- sparkling wine receipt (with special Felix Wankel label), Catering,
- various surprises (yet are not betrayed)
- time witness evening

- common breakfast
- exit by the beautiful Ortenau (with rest)
- the common lunch (bill of fare of full surprises, abgstellt on the meeting topic Felix Wankel) in beautiful Ambiente under-paints Helmut Dold (orchestra) from the jazz formation
- waits after the lunch on the market place the Mercedes Benz C111 issued by DaimlerChrysler
- various in the afternoon program
- in the evening artistic multimedia fireworks about Wankel by a well-known medium artist

- Brunch in the city center with music and good mood
- after it individual departure that participant/inside

Many vehicles are expected, e.g.: NSU Ro 80, NSU Spider, Citroen gs Bi-rotor, all Mazda RX-7-Baureihen, Mazda Cosmo sport 100, Mazda Eunos Cosmo, Mercedes Benz C111, Hercules, Suzuki, Norton.

A pupil competition is written out. Pupil/inside of the district Lahr are requested, itself with texts, models, to apart set for works of art and also computer programs with the life and work of Felix Wankel.

The city Lahr furnished an InterNet side with information to the Wankeltreffen.
The address reads: (more directly left).

The room reservation takes place individually via participant/inside.
Tourism information (hotel, pensions, restaurants etc..) see under:

If you cannot make it to Europe for the celebration, fear not! There will be a 100th birthday tribute at SevenStock 5 in September.

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