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Non Mazda RX-7 drawing circulating the web
Submitted by SuperUser on Friday, May 31, 2002 - 12:00am

Let us take a trip down memory lane... Back to November of 2000. Rotarynews was flooded with requests to post this picture of a proposed Mazda concept It was thought to be the next 4 door rotary sports car. Two months later, at the Detroit autoshow, the RX-8 was unveiled. The RX-8 looked nothing like the image posted 2 months earlier.

Now on back to November of 1999, we carried this article back that showed a 'spy photo' of the next RX-7, and a 4 door sports car. This came out two weeks before the RX-Evolv was released. The 4 door 'spy photo' again looked nothing like the RX-Evolv, and there was no 2-door sports car. Lesson learned? take these drawn images with a huge grain of salt.

On to May 2002, the production is ramping up for the RX-8, and rumors of a 2 door sports car (the RX-7) are coming out again. This image is 'leaked' out.

I would really like to leave you to your own conclusions, but I'm taking an educated guess about the RX-7: it is in the planning stages right now. We will know this more if we see more 'spy shots' circulate the web. I am also guessing, based on time tables, release schedules, and autoshows, that a concept 2 door rotary RX-7 will be shown in late 2003, probably at the Tokyo Autoshow. I suspect it will look really nothing like these drawings, and Mazda will keep us waiting for the real version until then.

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